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making due trump bob and 250-horsepower turbo kz1000 for sale

since i interviewed shoe 16 months ago, we’ve stayed in touch and had some laughs. one of these days we’re going to blast around and then spend the evening drinking moonshine. he’s a good man, a master mechanic and bike builder, and somebody i trust.

this morning he sent me some nice clicks of an inexpensive little trump bob he and his friend buie hibbard put together recently.

buie often does shoe’s leather work, too.

it’s one of those rides i like so much because it has character. it isn’t a perfect machine, as you can see it’s getting some work done in a couple of these pix, but an old trump needs extra lovin’ sometimes.

dig the headlamp mount. it looks like there are parts from a half-dozen different bikes on here. whatever works, gentlemen, and this gnarly little trump bob works fine. i even like the clubman bars, which i rarely do on a bobber.

shoe wrote that the headlamp and tail are from a 1960’s-era giant battery which powered a roadside light and that “the seat spring is a work of art.” agreed. buie also rides his sweet little trump “every dayummm day!”

speaking of stuff i like, i freaking love this bike:

that’s shoe’s famous mister bodacious. he’s selling this 250-horsepower turbocharged kawasaki kz1000 for only $12,000. she’s worth a lot more than that but shoe’s liquidating and taking off for the hills. i know a few who are doing that lately.

you can see more pix here and on hotshoe customs.

be sure to check out some of his current builds, including a 1967 honda dream and a cbx, and if you contact shoe, please tell him you read about him here on bikerMetric.

good luck, shoe! i wish i had 12k…

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  1. Shoe builds some of the best stuff around, met him a coupla times, toured his shop when he was in NJ met Duke(customer service rep) and still drool over Bo, i too wish i had 12K bc Bo is my dream bike…. in the words of Shoe… “Say it with me yall- hotshoecustoms.com”

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