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19 flagellatingly nascent gamblers

it’s been another month and another 19 risk takers have cast their lot with with bikerMetric. before we lay down with the festivities, i’d like to start on a note that some of you may have already heard, some of you won’t care about, and some will read on and do what you can to help. i am betting most of you will help because helpful is what i’ve found most bM readers to be. so here it is:

obama hoax

bobby and elisa’s (from indian larry) son aidan has been diagnosed with a rare brain disease called adrenoleukodystrophy (aka: ald). the boy is in dire need of a bone marrow donor. to find out if you are the match, please go to marrow.org and look for a drive or center near you. you can also request a mail-in kit.

you can read this page and see if you meet the medical guidelines to donate bone marrow. unfortunately, after reading the guidelines, i discovered that i cannot donate my own bone marrow and would prefer not to tell all you ******** why. it makes me mad. all i can do is this. all i can do is ask you to help in any way.

check out aidan’s blog where you can see the signed poster from that dude who foolishly believed a presidential candidate would turn out to be anything but a liar. many of us were suckered.

before i go off on sticking it to corporate men and hurting bankers who could save the boy with a bonus or their own bone marrow, i know that within the ranks of this website’s readers there are hundreds of matches for aidan. who is going to be the badass motherf***er who steps up to save a boy’s life?

all right. now for the noobs. the dudes who run to the quicky mart for smokes and beer. the smiling faces of apocalyptic dream and doom.

the first fng who clicked for the love of custom metric motorcycles was RingAdingDoo. ring has a clean blog you can find at bonnefication.com. as you may imagine, it’s trump heavy but loaded with killer photography of all sorts of bikes and videos. here’s a pic from his blog, taken by jesse carmody, a friend of a friend:

Stones Speedden seems like one more guy with a self-inflicted moniker who likes custom metric and euro bobbers, choppers, cafe racers and this, taken from one of the blogs he follows, eat the rich:

triumph drag racer - they haymaker | eat the rich

thanks for following the madness, stones. here’s a flashlight ’cause it’s gonna get dark soon.

core culture has a blog. it will do more stuff soon. when it does, it’s gonna do it. yeah! thanks for getting off at exit 667, the bikerMetric neighbor of the beast stop on the train to ****, core.

John E Adams was president. not really. well, john adams was, but this guy? he’s a great photographer with a propensity for philosophy, who captures moments both staged and organic. he told me he’s “amateur,” but i suggest you visit his blog and decide for yourself. he’s humble but very good. check out his latest book here. here is one of my favorite pix you’ve taken:

the geothe quote that accompanies the photo probably sold me. call me a fan. thanks for coming around, john.

and now for something a little different. Ty WeldaBar spun around and decided to stay. he’s got a fun youtube channel and likes punk f***ing rock and skateboards and a rough kz400 bobber.

now comes the part where i f**k with the guys who have no photo or blog or public information i can glean so i take (sometimes) wild guesses. as for eduardo, i know i pegged him squarely.

enrico kentooster is a spy. he works at the local quicky mart and is a spanish hillbilly from georgia. that’s my guess.

kustomville spells stuff with the letter k and i think that means he’s portugese. or a hillbilly from georgia with a manic obsession with bleached sheets.

eduardo comes into test tubes for money.

biker4life. really? come on, man. life starts at a moment preachers and poets have yet to define and ends with nothing more specific. if your soul lives on, are there baggers in heaven? i’ve never been to heaven, i’ve only done some great drugs and f**ed some hot broads. i do not know what i will be for life, as there’s a chance my soul is infinite, a form of energy that only changes form, and i am not sure when i will die or that motorcycles possess soul to come with me as i move on throughout whatever might exist. bikes are merely reflections of the sentient men and women who create and ride them and creation does not exist in a box. if anything, it seems to circle upon itself in an infinite manner which may or may not exist tomorrow, much less for “life.” anyway. philosophy corner is closed for the night. thanks for buying a ticket, man.

rjteeter knows about the gray car a basset hound. see?

abby and stephanie

LLJake has a blog. it’s called lonelosers. ’cause being alone makes you a loser. ’cause we have to belong and belonging is being accepted and being accepted is ignoring phone calls from people you forgot you met when you were drunk because of a head injury that is slowly and surely driving you insane while bankers still live and profit off the poor they seek to *** f**k with rough cut lumber to **** while swearing it’s the best we can expect.

the new untied states of america flag

every day is independence day, motherf***ers.

now this is what i’m talking about. i do not want followers, i want members. you do not want to watch. you want to do stuff. drunken orgies where 10-40 oil and rescued puppy litters sleeping in a box in a garage where a custom motorcycle is in a constant state of change and its owner is resting peacefully with guns in a house as loved ones dream of hurting corporate men soon is what bikerMetric is about. hold on. i think somebody is trying to break in my door. why are they yelling about being federal agents? i’m just…

three years later: inmotionphotog came by and dug it and decided to be notified of recent posts. thanks, man. inmotionphotog is another f***ing aussie ad agency *** who has realized his giant truck is a bigger pain in the *** to drive than weaving through traffic on a metric bobber would be, greater risk of death be damned. as death is only a word and consciousness changes with each dream. right, biker4life? yeah. whatever. dig the blog where he chronicles his build.

inmotionphotogxs650 dot **** you blogger

MANCHESTER MINEIRA likes this place for some reason. he’s got a nice blog about portugese history. i think. that always gets me in trouble. it’s best when i simply do sh*t without premeditated thoughts. except that time i went to jail. shoulda thought that one out. anyway, gonna have to visit lisbon soon.

let’s pretend israel is a dude on the subway and 300 was three and the dude on the subway said he was chosen by ***. he’d be in prison forever or put to death. hooray for an eye for an eye! it seems to be working out so well. let’s do some more. and make more sh*t illegal. like habeas corpus and the fifth amendment. i am so gonna hurt some bankers one day. wait… no, i am not on a train to take a shower!

Anders likes swedish stuff. i rode in a volvo and a saab before. you know how folks say that swedes are a bit uptight? they invented the zipper. and dynamite. these guys would probably film your d*ck.

Derek Bliss is some punk kid who would be wise to stay off my lawn. he likes picasso. he needs to get the google ad sh*t off his blog and post one more time. spy.

i wonder what Maiden Leather does.

LCAR eats at the portuguese plaza. seriously. and it’s in california.

Frederic nobis is a bikerMetric flakebook member. he’s a good guy.

Dagar Dagaro – Road Eagle MC is an indonesian 1% motorcycle club from jakarta. thanks for digging my f***ing bulls**t.

thank you all for coming around.

i’ve had this video for months and i keep wanting to include it in a post but seem to always forget. now here is social d’s mini-movie for “machine gun blues:”

as a reminder, there are no more anonymous comments here. i am not sorry about that. thanks for the kind words, but them’s the rules in my house now.


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