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writing from a hospital room

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I messed up. Wednesday afternoon I was too enthusiastic and mad in my attempt at killing a fly in the windowpane in front of my desk. There was an ambulance, blood everywhere, three hours in surgery to repair sliced veins, tendons and nerves, and prayers to *** that I wouldn’t lose my right forearm.

So far so good.

As you can imagine, it’s been difficult to post. As a right-handed man, doubly so.

All is working right now but my wrist will be difficult to operate for a while. I’ll need weeks and maybe months of extended physical therapy before I can ride again. Rest assured that I will.

In the meantime, our FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE Bash is still on, I just won’t be riding.

muahahahaha | bikerMetric

I hope to be discharged tomorrow morning and I’m sure to have fifty emails waiting that I don’t even want to see tonight. I’ll try to get some things up tomorrow that have been waiting. Please have patience, guys. I’ll do the best I can to keep bikerMetric fresh while I’m gimpy.


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  1. Jeeeze, hope all ends well. Good luck and get some rest. pay attention to what the doc says, but obey your nurses no matter what! get well

  2. thanks guys. adversity builds character. i’ve got enough now that it’s for sale. yes, you too can have some of my charm, built from golden towers of struggle, for only $9.99!

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