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waking the zombies in three easy steps

saw something about road sign hacking on the biltwell blog yesterday so i went looking for bigger images for you guys. i thought about doing snazzy grafix myself where the text doesn’t bleed out over the background and all that fancy stuff but screw it. here’s a quick post all in good fun.

let’s say the next time you’ve put a few ales in your belly and you’re riding your horsie home to warm stew and that good book you’ve been waiting to crack open by alexis de tocqueville you see one of those flashing light warning signs beside the road. it says “EXIT 351 CLOSED AHEAD.” you might feel a bit like a prankster with the ale warming inside of you and impacting your emotions with self-aggrandized thoughts of impenetrability. you might also wish you could change that warning message to something that pleases you and makes you laugh all the way home.

well now you can! follow these three simple steps and you can have passers-by thinking there are aliens, a chemical leak, a terrorist attack, or the most popular, zombies ahead!

truthfully speaking, there will be zombies ahead, just not the brain eating kind, only the “unable to think for themselves kind that walk around doing what they are told void of the consequences of their meaningless lives.” as a general rule, it is best to avoid these zombies at all costs. i don’t think we need roadside signs for that any longer.

but say you want to warn drivers of a police sobriety test, or that the area they are about to pass smells like a zillion diseased yak farts. this is how:

excellent. unprotected display electronics…. muah ha ha ha ha!

might i suggest you start simple with YOU ARE NOT FREE.

ta da! after your prank, i suggest you go home and drink more ale to keep up those self-aggrandized thoughts of impenetrability, eat your stew, and fall asleep reading “democracy in america” or “the old regime and the revolution.”

ahhh…. revolution….

more people visited bikerMetric than every before yesterday and more of you voted in a poll than ever before. thank you all for your involvement in helping build this little metric community.

now to end with a killer thumper dirt bike by ajs. if anybody knows anything about this machine, please comment below.

[UPDATE 01.29.12: see comments for information about the bike below]

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  1. awesome to infinity!
    some of us are zombies that just like to rock and roll!

  2. That is a 350 cc AJS model 16 “enduro” bike, some time after 1952 as the magneto is placed in front of the cylinder instead of behind it, I would say it is a 60’s bike as it has full width brake hubs.

    AJS owned Matchless and this bike model originally was a Matchless G3L produced from about 1939 and used during the second world war by the British forces -after the war the Dutch bought a lot of them for use by their military.
    The names AJS and Matchless were both used depending on the intended market and the model of bike.

  3. excellent, hassman. thank you for the info.

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