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old school amal style flake and natural grips

don’t know about you, but i love this style of grip. i got old school flat black bobber grips for the ForD but wanted a pair of the gum ones because they look gold colored and will be tight looking on the bike with black bars. sadly, i couldn’t find them. now i have.

these are for sale at lloyd vintage, a little shop in oklahoma that specializes in vintage japanese motorcycles. you can get them in 7/8″ or 1″. they’re not cheap (35 to 40 bucks), so if you find these at a better price, let us know by commenting below. i know they have to get them from japan, so that’s cha-ching! any usa-made grips like these?

now, somebody hipped me to this link and dag nabbit if i haven’t lost the contact amidst the ordered chaos of my current life. it’s somebody i ought to remember, too. when i re-discover the cat who helped me out, or he taps me on the shoulder, i’ll put up a link to his site/blog and apologize for being such a f***ing dork tonight.

peace out, metric mofos.

EDIT 01.17.11:

i remember who hipped me to these grips. it was john ryland! he’s the guy who built that killer virago streetfighter/cafe i posted a few weeks ago. it looks like this:

thanks for the head’s up. mister.

visit john’s blog at classified moto for more cool builds and other nifty stuff.


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Trent. Much appreciated. Love keeping up with what you’re doing, man. JR

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