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friday’s post of cool stuff #85: a different kind of getting dirty

In friday’s post of cool stuff #49, Trent laid out how he goes about writing these posts: He wakes up, texts his girlfriend to make sure her **** are still symmetrical, putzes around on the internet, drinks, writes, drinks, kills bankers, blah blah blah, loves typewriters, something something, funny photoshop stuff, yata yata yata…

I’m actually not cool, so this is going to be a challenge. Lucky for you I came across a few gems this week that are at least share-worthy.

First off, I’m a big city boy, but my roots are a small town of 500 back in the old country. We can take it to a pretty wild euro-hillbilly timezone, but these Alabama rednecks are on a whole other level. Roll up your sleeves boys and girls, it’s time to get dirty.

There’s actually a series of these Mud Lovin’ Rednecks videos, check them out on YouTube. Lots of other Friday’s cool stuff ahead!

The destiny every male bikerMetric
reader aspires to fulfill:

once upon a time a prince asked a beautiful princess...
For the girls in the bunch, don’t worry, this douchebag, your new bikerMetric editor has a message of love:
lesbians - i love it in the morning

Ok now for some eyecandy. Check out some of the shots from the motorcycle contortionists photo shoot I did this summer:

motorcycle contortionists

Speaking of little girls, here’s a video! It’s not what you’re thinking though. This is a video made by a 15 year old girl who retells what she’s experienced over the past few years. She called it “My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm” – this isn’t just another cry-me-a-river sob story, this little girl had a very serious message she sent out to the world. Please have a look.

Amanda Todd killed herself last Wednesday, over a month after posting the video.

Why bring this up? Well, first off, it made me rethink how I’ve treated some people, how I’ve been treated by some people, and it made me reach out to some of the kids in the family. They aren’t alone.

Second, there’s a new twist to the story: According to the CBC, the hacker group Anonymous said they know who Amanda’s primary online tormentor (pronounced creepy stalking pedophile) is. Thank *** we have a group of men and women with the skills and devotion to find criminals. Obviously I’m talking about Anonymous, not the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

I saw this sticker on the topcase of a scooter.

don't follow me you won't make it

Don’t forget, there’s a $40 gift card for motorcycle gear and accessories from Jafrum up for grabs!

Adrian S.

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