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vintage bike of the day | custom csepel-pannonia bobber

got an email this morning from my hungarian friend arpad zirig. it’s an in-progress csepel bobber that once looked similar to this:

but now looks kind of like this:

honk! honk!

what we have here is a modified 1949 csepel 125 frame and a pannonia p20 two-stroke inline-two cylinder engine from the 1970’s, or as arpad wrote, “b***hin’.”

certainly is b***hin’, man. can’t find much more about csepel motorcycles other than they were built in hungary from 1932 until 1951.

arpad told me there will be copper where the original motorbikes would have chrome and the machine is in the process of being built.

the frame has been widened and the engine is tuned with wiseco pistons, a six-plate honda clutch, dellorto carburetor, and a yamaha-suzuki hybrid ignition. the front forks have been strengthened with a pannonia p10 end tube.

the builder is named sándor tatár and the bike will be complete in two weeks for the hungarian buider championship. arpad will be riding it afterward and i will endeavor to get some photos and more information about the bike then.

you can read and see a more about this build here.

thanks, arpad!

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  1. Love the csepel. I see the coil over shock,but where is the hinge point? Very cool.

  2. it’s “in progress,” man. i’m going to guess it will be hidden by the exhaust behind the motor. or at least that’s how i would to it.

    after the show, arpad will ride it. he’s also a good photographer and will tell us all we want to know. all thanks for this goes to him.

  3. On average in good condition what would a 1950 scepel motorcycle be worth

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