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stuff i stole

like andy warhol.

if one of these images came off your site, comment or email that i might make it right. i paid no attention when i saved them, probably months or years ago.

world domination plans: 1st. giving a f**k: 2nd.

also, for those who b***h that bikerMetric is “nsfw,” f**k you. get to work. a**hole. if you were my employee i’d fire you because i pay you to work for me, not f**k around on biker sites.

did i say a**hole? yes. did i say d****bag? just now. did i say your job steals a little bit of your soul daily?


well then…

yes. your job steals a little more of your soul every day in return for the fantasy of owning a caddy or lexus or 50″ hdtv or BJs from some hot babe with big ******* or a wrenchmonkey motorcycle. yes, i know how i spelled it. these are the seemingly immediate and physical possessions the sin of envy imposes that you might “own” them some day. they draw you here.

babes. bikes. freedom…

but you won’t “own” them because what you envy needs your full attention and you are reading this instead of doing your job.

which is it? your job or ******** off here? “nsfw” means you are doomed to die the death of the corporate man. half here and half there. looking over your back. fool. stand up and yell “f**k this s**t!” and quit right now or get off my site, you casual friday polo shirt wearing lackey b***h.

this one is too good. i bet it goes to a hundred.

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