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vintage bike of the day | honda vf750 four-cylinder v-twinX2

had fun with that title, didn’t i?

if this is your first visit, welcome to bikerMetric.

if it’s over 25 years old, it’s vintage, right? or is it “classic?” since i grew up listening to classic rock stations (good luck finding punk on the radio in montana and arizona then), and now those same stations play van halen, of which i will try not to rant off about, i’ll give you that maybe classic is a better word for a 28-year old bike than “vintage: but no. after 25 years, it’s considered “vintage.” looking at these pix makes you feel old, huh?

the honda sabre motor was 90-degree 750cc v-four with 16 valves that in 1984, really had a kickass look.

1984 honda vf750 sabre

it didn’t have a ton of torque, but 90 horsepower at 10,000 rpm screaming out from a chain made for something you could modify and get more out of.

i suppose the folks who raced this bike did exactly that.

honda vf750 sabre drag racer

at under 550 lbs (250 kg) loaded with five gallons of fuel and oil, she’d interest folks into cruisers, as well as sport bike riders with this version, called “the interceptor:”

honda vf750 v-four interceptor

using my search engine skills, i found this link where some dudes take an old interceptor and modernize it to their wishes. it’s pretty cool what you can do with a bike from the 1980’s and some fiberglass.

everybody dance now. boink boinkboink ba-boink…

darth vader babe boink

darth vader babe boinkboink
darth vader babe ba-boink

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  1. from a few emails i’ve received it has been determined that the person dressed in sexy darth vader drag is a hermaphrodite.


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