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this is what i want to be

had a word a thought a dream and then the beggar plays the jedi mind trick cop moment
note to self
remember the poem

as i escape

and the world is turning
the sun is burning
ice is melting
jesus is waiting

the reasons why our enlightened founders declared freedom of religion
and fought against what they could not choose
were corporate monopolies and taxes to bring the growing middle class down
our foundation is what we’ve become
when we were ruled by the king of england
today we call him president
feeling trusting believing tv
reading thinking ear nerves throbbing
saying what we are told from one source
voting when they are all corrupt
bought and paid for
where is my come shot?

paid by bankers and corporations our founders sought to eradicate from our shores
this is what we celebrate
as the revolution is dumbed down by news networks
owned by corporations who have a stake in more war
in unconstitutional civil liberty deletions
living behind gates with mercernary employees
as if the declaration of independence is a top secret document
almost fully blacked out with a sharpie

the united states of america has become what many died and killed to end
fighting against it
236 years ago

we are not a christian nation - john adams

we are not a christian nation
we were not supposed to be
we are to be free to speak our will
to own weapons
to pray or not to whom we choose
to ride and drive anywhere
any time

freedom is not a license
it is self evident

i will pray we recover ourselves
and live
as one
and the same

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