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the little guys in the metric motorcycle community

so, you don’t know where to go to get your bike worked on, who to buy parts from, and what or who to believe.

i get people asking to advertise on bikerMetric often enough that i can pay my mobile phone bill and purchase beer. the dreams of those are the dreams you have. the men and women who advertise on bM dream. and work. hard.

scrambler cycle specializes in vintage motorcycles and scooters and charges only $40 an hour. i charge $50 an hour to create a logo, sitting in air conditioned rooms, drinking beer, while telling you about the market you are trying to punch through. each logo takes ten hours, minimum. how log does it take to open up and rebuild your crank? beat that rate anywhere. with your savings have a steak and a fine beer somewhere you took the woman you’ve got your sights on and be thankful the bike you ride her back on will thrill her in the right ways.

another dude who has given up the corporate gig to create slick handlebars and pretty much any part you need is steffan at zombie performance. he’s a good young man doing all  he can to make it.

another young man doing all he can to make it is josh at tail end customs. besides making killer bikes and custom motorcycle parts, he recently started creating stickers and other graphics under the name of get stuck graphics. he’s going to create some slick stickers for bikerMetric and RUSTYMETRIC.

look for bM and RM stickers, t-shirts, and patches for sale in the not too distant future.

another cat who is a bM fb member and supporter is cody “sprocket” srader. he’s a budding painter and pinstripe artist with a pinhead lounge page you can find here.

support the little guy, folks!

as always, thank you all for your support and especially thanks to the little guys sweating over their dreams of living on their terms, not those of the corporate man. i hope to help you all.

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