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Flake & Flames - 40% off coupon code

over 40% off flake and flames: the kustom kulture adventure | limited time

If you haven’t already read our interview with Jesper Bram, one of the two filmmakers behind Flake & Flames: The Kustom Kulture Adventure, you should hurry up and do it.

If you have already read it, and were too cheap to buy the video, you’re going to love this. For a limited time Jesper is hooking up bikerMetric readers with a special coupon for just over 40% off on the Flake & Flames Full HD Content Package. You’ll get three videos in HD with subtitles.

Flake & Flames – Full HD Contant Package. Includes the full length 80 minute Kustom Kulture Documentary in HD, with subtitles in: French, Spanish, German, and English. As well as two extra HD videos featuring: Master pinstriper, Blaster, painting a Rat Fink, and master fabricator, Dan Collins, making a chopper air cleaner.

To take advantage, simply click this link to take advantage of our special offer / coupon code, exclusive to bikerMetric readers only. Now you can own Flake & Flames for only $9.95. Don’t we treat you good? Even your momma doesn’t love you like we do, you ugly little bastards! Now go watch Flake & Flames.


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