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friday’s post of cool stuff #61: babes with vintage bikes

vintage bike night york t-shirt front

first i want to thank kevin from vintage bike night york for sending the t-shirt.

vintage bike night york t-shirt front logo

now for the babes. i got some of these pix from charlie harvin, a photographer and chronicler of vintage motorbikes, and his great, fun, and incredibly informative blog at flesh & relics. you really must check it out. one of the best biker blogs ever! plus, there’s boobies! and sometimes guns! and killer european motorcycles. all this combined with great writing.

some of you may be aware of the story that brittany morrow has to tell. it isn’t pretty. she was riding as a passenger and there was a wreck. brittany wasn’t wearing proper protective gear and pretty much got f***ed up.

today she is sponsored by some fancy gear providers and has a website promoting her passion that all riders should wear safe riding gear.

i know it isn’t cool to wear levi’s, boots, helmets, jackets, and gloves. i know guys who only wear full-face helmets but ride with sneakers. like you’ll have an ankle and be able to walk without a cane for the rest of your life if you ever go down and you slide. it’s like wearing a condom as you f**k the junkie you just shared a needle with.

but you’ll have a pretty face!

i spent a summer in houston wearing a kickass joe rocket jacket that was mostly perforated so the summer sun wouldn’t cook me inside, but had pads on the arms, elbows, shoulders, and back that would have protected me should i be run over by some douche on his cell phone or an ******* in a hurry to get home and be alone with his television and light beer.

brittany morrow after accident

so here is a true babe. one that went down and got back up. she is working on a book with a friend about women riders. they are looking for contributions from men and women alike. dig it here and don’t be a douche when you write to her. jackasses.

i know women who provide for the men who wrench on bikes because they’ve had enough of the corporate bulls**t. why work 50 or 60 hours for some ******* who is bleeding your personal and family life dry so he can drive a mercedes and own property all over the place? why have an alarm clock that goes off? why be told what to do by somebody you’d just as soon fart on as punch in the mouth? why sit in a cubicle and spend half your work day on facebook anyway? why create something that somebody else will take credit for?

f**k that. be free. risk it all because in the end, risking nothing will surely gain you nothing.

now for more babes from flesh & relics:

smoking moto guzzi girl

and for those of you who are gay, or for the women who like gay guys with fireman/policeman mustaches, this one’s for you (from go away garage):

that’s it. i’m outta here!

stick it to the corporate desk

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  1. No panties?! Theyll put smears on the seats!

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