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bikerMetric means I’ve set out on my own, gentlemen.

I want to thank Bandit at Bikernet for giving me the opportunity to start writing about metric motorbikes and for giving me a pretty wide breadth to do my thing for almost seven months. I took a blog that had a handful of viewers reading a page a day to over 14,000 viewers and 45,000 pageviews in the past 30 days. While doing that, I created many business relationships, made a lot of friends, got drunk and wrote poetry, started a bike to illustrate that a 100% freaky one-off custom metric chopper or bobber can be built for way under ten grand [EDIT 06.11.12: about that…], and mostly had a freaking blast.

In the end though, it was apparent to everybody that my vision for his metric department was far too divergent from his and therefore, a parting of ways was imminent. I left without being asked to go. It’s his place and should be done his way. I respect that.

Regardless, I had a great time with Bikernet and learned a lot from Bandit, probably more than he knows. I had many great conversations with him and he always imparted some words of wisdom regarding the situations I was facing for the first time in this industry.

I support Bikernet fully and am thankful to keep developing the bM brand I’ve worked so hard to create.

Be sure to visit Bandit’s Bikernet for all your American V-twin bikes, biker news, and much more.

Thanks for everything, Bandit. I wish you the best in all you do.


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