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friday’s post of cool stuff #42 part 2: caught between new year’s and a dog hair in my teeth

fixed last night’s typos, ate eggs, and now drinking my last three turbodog beers.

hair of the turbodog.

there was thunder and lightning at 7am today. i like that to start the new year. it’s a metaphor and a meme in my life. the chinese symbols tattooed on my neck represent “chen” and “li.” that means “shake like thunder” and “radiance.” most excellent. it’s a shame nobody from china can visit bikerMetric. every once in a while i get a click from hong kong. i pray for liberty for the chinese people. i pray for liberty for the american people…

as i got loaded last night cursing corporations, i had to stop because at a certain point i couldn’t type legibly. therefore to begin the new year i’d like to thank a lot of people who helped me last year.

in alphabetical order. numbers first. click on the images to visit their websites:

these guys and more helped me build the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE.

now for the noobs! the f***ing new guys! the dumbasses who just got put on the tsa’s extra sensory fondle list!

last night bM had 98 “followers.” i don’t like that term. i consider those who click the link of doom as “members.” i wept on facebook, asking to hit 100, “please do it for me!” within minutes we gained two new associates, and two more after the fact.

man. you guys are great. you made me feel like a reality television star. i hope to meet you all, shake your hands, buy you a pint, laugh, maybe fight, and generally have a great time.

the first to respond, and get me to 99 was Landon Wilson. he’s a rowdy facebook friend who believes in my world domination plan. yeah. whoda thunk it? see what he’s up to at facebook.com/Cogneclecticism.

i am visiting my mum. she has a lot of dogs. one is about to die. i have her in my bed. she was found by my mum’s dead husband. seems somebody left her at the quicky mart door. dead husband asks “who is that dog?”

“they didn’t say. been there all day,” says the clerk, “she’s not worth a plug nickle.”

mom’s husband took her home and named her “nickel.” we call her nicky and she is snoring in my bed.

the 100th member of bikerMetric is lynden “iyfy” nevard. he’s a scuba diver, my fb pal, and is not a thieving scottish *******. still, he’s going to be the bikerMetric WORLD DOMINATION head of security.

other dudes who thought bM was something worth keeping an eye on included vision. ron pogue is a friend of alex chopperbuilder, and he’s an english bike builder in bangkok. visit him here at flying piston. you know what to say if you contact him….

wes is the man at blacklist motorcycles. with a name like blacklist, he’s got to be a communist since 1950!

El Caganer is another facefriend/mybook/twitlife associate. his real name is craig howell and he’s a darned good photographer. check his stuff out here and enjoy!

so there we go, my friends. thank you all for your support. i hope to see every one of you succeed and laugh all year long.

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