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footshifted | the lastest motorcycle parts and accessories

Footshifted has taken advantage of our 125×125 banner special and I’d like to tell you all a bit more about them.

Matt is the owner at Footshifted, and is based in Indianapolis. He’s been riding and around motorcycles all his life, going as far back as he can remember when his father owned motorcycle dealerships.

Footshifted strives to be the source for what’s new in the world of motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories. That means the latest in everything from exhaust systems to helmets and jackets.

One product you can find on his site is the custom seat for Honda CB750 bikes from 1975-’78 you see here. The gunslinger-style seat is by Corbin which I’ve found over the years to be a company that always has good quality. You can find it for only $326.

Footshifted has everything from gauges and wheels to those nifty cameras some guys mount on their bikes that they make fun-to-lame videos out of.

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