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rock’s speed-drilled pegs

aluminum footpegs | rock's chops
drilled aluminum footpegs | rock's chops

speed drilled aluminum footpegs | rock's chops

Finally got Rock’s speed-drilled solid aluminum footpegs on the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE. The pix are kind of crappy but we’ll get some better ones soon, along with photos of the custom license plate bracket he made for us.

Only $75 a pair.

Please visit Rock’s Chops and tell him you read about him on bikerMetric.

[UPDATE 01.06.12: i spoke with rock a while ago and he said he had a full time job now. it seems that his website is gone, too. hope he is well. for those of you in need of custom handlebars, visit my friend steffan at zombie performance, tell him i sent you, and he’ll set you up.]

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