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reader rides | 1971 bsa lightning tracker by adam

i know, i know. it’s what dudes are sending me right now: trackers.

if 2011 was the year of the cafe racer, then 2012 will be the year of the tracker. it’s what you’ll want at the end of the world, anyway.

even elswick cycles wrote and wanted to build a gnarly tracker-a-bob thing this past winter and we were going to auction it off to benefit a couple of dog rescues, but that never happened for some reason. instead, there will be more dead dogs whose lives were nothing but pain.

the following is a bit about the bike, told mostly in adam’s words:

Here are pics of my 1971 BSA I sent to bikeexif. The editor posted the bike two days later. A couple of the old English guys in the comments section lost their sh*t and went on some serious rants about how awful the bike is. Seems one of the angry old-timers had his period correct clubman rejected and this sh*t/my bike got posted. He was ticked off and went on a youth hate-tear. It was awesome. Most of it was removed last time I looked.

Wasn’t sure if you wanted to post it as well. I’d love to see it on your site. I’m a big fan of your writing.

Here are some bullets about the bike:

+ BMX bars
+ Relocated shock mounts
+ Leather seat set up brat style (whatever the f*** that is anyway)
+ Initially planned to have a surf rack installed, but decided to sit on board nose instead (common in Indonesia) for local trips to surf breaks.
+ Rebuilt engine
+ Stock breadbox tank
+ Custom battery box
+ High output PIAA light
+ Bike is primarily used for short trips around town
+ Since the pics, I’ve re-routed the front brake cable and put screens on the carbs (not really).
+ Kickstart keeps my leg far enough away from the pipes so it does not burn but close enough to keep my ***** warm.

Thanks for all the entertainment, Trent. I really love reading your site. It’s often that I laugh out loud while reading and that doesn’t happen often.



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thanks for the info and pix, adam. there are always jerks who know everything or who cannot be polite if they disagree. if they are ignored, they usually go away. if they get a response, it is as they say, “feeding the trolls,” and one morsel seems to make them go off on thousand-word rants. stephen pate from resto werks and **** pollock from mule are great at it.

i sometimes find that kind of **** here on bM with comments from some lonely boy who has to be rude about a bike. in turn, they can’t take my reply that they ought to settle down, and therefore they try in many lengthy and futile attempts to comment again. i never read them and mark them as spam. it is quite pathetic and hysterically funny.

oh, the power of being a cult-favored motorbike blogger!

a custom bike is an open interpretation. i’ve learned it’s no fun being a know-it-all critic. some people’s mothers never taught them when to shut the f*** up.

there are infinite ways to create and do anything; love, poetry, architecture, novels, ***, spirituality, magic, motorcycles…

adam, this one is for you. i call it “probably vile:”

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  1. the important takeaway from this video (and where most people get it wrong): when knocking stuff over with your ****, always tuck your thumbs. style is everything.

  2. thanks len. it’s like the best strippers. they point their toes straight out to follow the line of their legs.

    it’s very amusing how both are marginally related.

  3. I have never noticed a strippers toes.

  4. Ha ha, top work Adam. I expected Lord Elpus and William Ferry and Mule to hammer “The Brat” but they were silent…Pollock couldn’t help himself in the end though.

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