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rant #31: or something about my dad

rich get richer chart

freedom is what people pretend to be:
a mentor
a friend

don’t call me “bro.” seriously. you are not my bro. i have three and one i’d just as soon toss to his death as finish this beer. of the other one, he is not blood related. he was only there and didn’t back down.

if you like that, read on at your own peril.

respect other views if you wish others to respect yours. if you do not agree with mine, pray for me. pray for my soul that i won’t go to **** because the american navy is not the global source for good and only a tool of bankers and war profiteers such as halliburton to gain wealth by blood-drenched money laundered green but worth less than desert sand.

pray for me because it’s obvious to you i am wicked, or rude, or a bully, or a poser *** writer douchebag ******* half-baked intellectual motherf***er. pray for me because you wish for everlasting life for all sinners. if it wasn’t for me, jesus would be out of a job.

or don’t pray. simply f** off. judge me without hypocrisy. i dare you.

i’ll let you know if your prayers worked. please let me know if your curses made you happy, brought you peace, or otherwise created joy in your life.

to belabor my point, every war needs credit to build machines to kill and if you don’t know that, i’m sorry. how much democracy exists in iraq today? afghanistan? america?

degrees of none. facades of great proportion. you are being watched and are under surveillance. are you in debt thanks to credit or is your life so much better for buying s**t you couldn’t afford the day you signed away your new possession to a bank until the possession was worthless the day you paid it off?

even houses and land do that now. like cars and brand new harley-davidson motorcycles. 20 or 200 thousand dollars one day. 5 or 90 thousand four years later.

right, phoenix?

democracy was created by greek intellectuals who thought they were better than the common man. the american republic represents that foundational theme very well today. our founders? they knew. they cared but didn’t trust the common man, the fellaheen. the united states is a republic and this republic reads your texts, checks your bank statements, tells you nuclear power is great, starts wars you don’t believe in, gives your money to bankers who stole your home, and tells you that you are asking for too much.

sid viscous rides a honda twin

way too much.

another thing many americans like to rant about is how our nation is founded on christian beliefs. it was not. it was founded for all, no matter your religion or lack of one. even so, the blindness and hypocrisy of white christian americans is baffling to me. read what is told to you of christ in the new testament. pray. read the declaration of independence. pray again. if you don’t cry, you’re not doing it right.

do you tell others you’re christian? do you believe that if i’m not, i’m unamerican? that i deserve public criticism because… oh my ***! trent thinks the navy is filled with pawns for an outdated definition of patriotism! i am a bad man for believing so because *** founded our nation and our founders prayed to jesus and america is always right, right?

the author of the declaration of indepenence, thomas jefferson (who “owned” and f***ed slaves who bore his children), came to the conclusion that through science all miracles were rejected, including the virgin birth and the resurrection of jesus. don’t take my word for it. do your own research. never take one man’s word for anything. read and discover or follow the commercial to your brand new bank of america account.

they’re on your side. really. saving you money. helping you achieve your dreams. really. they’re not waiting for you to turn your attention away so they can knock you out and steal everything they can as quickly as possible as you lay limp on their granite floor to be quietly swept away.

mister jefferson also wrote in a letter to philosophical sparring mate john adams, “the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man” were what had been handed down as the words and deeds of jesus.

george washington presidential inauguration statue at his masonic temple's memorial in washington dc

jefferson is not believed to be a mason, as was george washington, who wore masonic vestments during his inaguration as first president of the united states.

what am i writing about?

shall a man be measured by one sentence or paragraph or a book he has written or even by the clothes he wears? a man is measured by time. the words of others are trivial to a man with a vision. to partake in the dreams of others is a ticket bought with belief and trust.

who do you believe in? who do you trust? a man? a ***? a political party? a lover? a friend? a parent? should *** bless us to convey our thoughts to the entire world without repercussions? i think not. the best words are what ****** people off. lest we accept the rise and never plan for a fall.

right, phoenix?

be offended by jersey shore or rick perry all you want, as long as you respect those who find those things great or offensive and choose to tell them it’s okay as you slowly back away. you don’t have to pat them on the back. all you have to do is not throw insults; personal, religious, familial, in any way. lest you expose yourself as a hypocrite. like me. i have eaten dog meat. i was 15. it tasted a lot like chicken.

being rude to a pimp’s bottom b*tch may get your tongue cut out. threaten physical harm to a man and you may get beaten ****** and worse. tell somebody what is in his best interest and discover how he could give a s**t what you think. what is the difference between being independent and being a bitter jerk?

don’t look at me. i’m asking, not telling.

challenge and find fearlessness.
digest and gain energy.
dream and remember.
pray and forgive.

please, don’t believe what i write or say. read and discover. pray. just once. with all your heart.

one man is never perfect. history determines his impact upon a culture or society or nation or time where history is replete with tales of the repressed rising above those who would enslave them.

do you trust your army?

look out for brutus.

love hurts

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