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and you thought it would never happen.

stickers by get stuck graphics

email me with your address and i’ll send you what you ask for. one sticker max because i’m a **** jew. the discerning eye will see in these pictures which stickers are available.

bikerMetric motorcycle stickers

for the bikerMetric stickers, please specify wings, bike, black, white and red.

now for our “green” initiative. we at bikerMetric believe that we ought to care for our earth. therefore, these stickers are not only vinyl and suitable for automobiles, motorcycles, airplanes, and boats, but also make great stick-on tattoos.

if you like what you get, get some stickers for yourself by calling josh from get stuck graphics (aka tail end customs). if you don’t like what you get, call josh at 512.228.1848 and b*tch about your free s**t.

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