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friday’s post of cool stuff #80: bikerMetric’s 2012 presidential candidate endorsement

some of you come here for the bikes. some for the babes. some just to see what crazy thing i might toss up. this 80th post of cool stuff is none of those. it’s serious. this is for those of you who do not take the ones who rule our nations, who you willingly vote into power, seriously any more. they are corporate puppets. this is for those of you who don’t believe the popular media. if you do not understand this inherently, you don’t vote, and/or you don’t care.

either way, please take my invitation to leave now if that is you. i seek relatively educated troublemakers around these parts. not “where’s the next beer” jokers who think the lives they lead today will always be there for them to live freely.

tattoos and motorbikes do not assume lack of education, erudition, thoughtfulness, or care. that’s a dead generation’s belief of “sticking it to the corporate man.” the drugs and swastikas are for losers and none of them read these pages. telling them to f*** off is like running over a worm. who cares and did anybody notice?

free or slave gas tank scrawl | found at facebook.com/Ride1Free

the american revolution was formed in beer halls almost 250 years ago. so go and grab a brew. then another and read the rest of what i’d truly appreciate you’d consider.

then go out and talk about it, please.

we’re gonna stick it to the corporate man how they need to get stuck. in the back. where they least expect it. where they got you already.

i back buddy roemer for president.

let me tell you why. first if you do one thing for america and those you love today, watch this video:

still interested? good. please read on.

in these days of indefinete detention without trial (google habeas corpus), illegal and warrantless spying on americans, killing americans because they have been “accused” but never saw an attorney or judge (save the president who – at a distance – has become the all-powerful judge and jury). in these days of corporate-paid politicians pandering to the common man for a vote they will lie to get. in these days where it is austerity for “us” and greater riches for “them,” we must take positive action.

in these days of growing homelessness, bankruptcy, and unemployment. in these days of minimum-wage “service” jobs without benefits and fewer manufacturing or creative work. in these days of growing higher education expenses that far exceed inflation. in these these days of more murder and apathy. in these days where corporations are now “the people,” but never pay for their sins, we need somebody on our side. we need somebody who will get us out of illegal wars and turn that wasted military-industrial complex money into home-grown power.

i have personally pressured buddy roemer about renewable power sources, and legalizing hemp to do so. he knows it’s a hot topic. he did not respond to that question but he has responded to others.

i am not talking pot. if you don’t know the difference between hemp, which henry ford beseeched presidents to keep legal so he could make inexpensive plastics and power cars out of it, and pot, then again, please go away or click the last link and learn something. i am not here to make you my friend. i am here to tell you the truth.

and you should not be so ignorant.

friends come and go. the truth is eternal. i will die. these words will be repeated. even if they are not credited to me, they will be remembered and spoken. such is their power.

regardless of my anger at the corporate politician, the united states of america needs somebody who is not funded by special interests who seek war and/or foreign oil or subsidies for outsourcing jobs to those who have no idea what we are talking about when we call for assistance on our mobile phone bill. your name is “steve” huh? mind if i call you “bombay bob?”

buddy limits campaign contributions to $100 per person. he does not get funded by a super-pac as does the “republican/libertarian” ron paul, who is a hypocrite for it. i do not trust him because he is funded by mega-corps, not the people. he will owe them, not you, even as he asks for your vote that doesn’t matter because he’ll be doing the bidding of the billionaire donors to his campaign. not you.

buddy roemer will not be that kind of president. he will owe the people, not a special interest lobby.

remember obama’s great promises four years ago? you know what paid for his campaign? see where that has led us? what has a president done to liberate you, financially or civilly, lately?

i say nothing. not since kennedy.

a billionaire corporation owner can vote once, but the last five presidents who won the election also spent the most money. that money is spent on ads that manipulate opinion and often simply lie. this presidential campaign is going to cost the winner half a billion dollars. well, not him, but the mega rich who make their money back when the president creates “acts” which benefit the banks and corporations owned by those who donated.

here’s to ending that trend. vote for buddy roemer. he will speak for, and help, the people.

man made problems | jfk

buddy may not like my juxtaposition of his views with president kennedy, and i am not likening him to kennedy in any way except to say that jfk was the last president who cared about the people and i believe buddy does, too. ever since jfk, it’s been the military-industrial complex, banks, and the largest of corporations controlling our government. a little more. year after year….

johnson increased our involvmentn in vietnam. as did the liar nixon. it seems now that if you don’t make more war, you never get a second term. even clinton was bombing things all the time. gotta keep the war going. gotta keep the speculators happy. gotta kill brown people and now, imprison without constitutional regard anybody who should speak out against you.

count me in with that group.

back on point, buddy would not disagree with the statement in the image above. he would pull our troops out of the mid-east and run more airborne drones. bomb the bastards from ships at sea or from the air. no sh*t. it’s 2012. were we not to be harvesting the moon for minerals by now? remember 1992 when we watched tv as we wailed on saddam with “smart bomb” videos the military released? has technology gotten better?

that was a rhetorical question.

we can take care of business without harming american lives. we can extricate ourselves from mid-east wars which only exist to prop up the dollar with guns pointed out at all opec nations when we can instead become the world’s biggest producer of both petroleum-based fuel and biofuel.

we can also bring more jobs home to the usa. buddy wants to encourage that from us, and the corporations sending jobs overseas.

wonder about health care? the pharmaceutical companies will not have monopolies on their products if buddy has his way. have you discovered that cancer has been cured? why would a pharmaceutical company want that when they can drug you to death with expensive pills and treatments? why would a healthcare monopoly want that?


find that interesting? it was produced on a public news channel in canada, where the cure was discovered. dig this, too:

buddy roemer says if he was prez taxes would be simplified to a flat tax where anybody making less than 50k would not be taxed at all, and above that, a flat tax of 17 percent would be paid. i know those making over 250k who would love to pay only 17%. i bet there are huge corporations that don’t like that idea at all.

screw them. stick it to the corporate man.

i found the man to do exactly that. i back him 100%. he is not this guy:

death of democracy | by gibraltarium

he is this guy:

buddy roemer for president

remember, this is a “biker” site. i use the f-word liberally, though i’ve tried to tone it down due to the seriousness of this post, an ultimatum nailed to the church of greed’s door. please do not be offended by it. it is my right to write the word “f***.” instead, be offended by those who have stolen the liberties our great republic promised us that they might gain more riches as they strive ever more to stifle our ability to tell the truth.

f*** them.

as for jobs, mr. roemer plans to restore jobs in the american industrial sector with what is called fair trade, rather than free trade (aka: nafta, cafta and others), and that in order to address america’s massive trade deficit we must correct the advantages other producing nations gain by avoiding america’s health, safety and environmental standards.

mr. roemer, a former four-term congressman and governor of louisiana, is not a career politician. he’s been in the private sector for 20 years where he built a successful community bank in baton rouge, louisiana. ironic that i’m backing a banker, isn’t it? i also tell folks to dump bank of america, citbank, and wells fargo for small community banks and credit unions, so i have no difficulty backing him. my small credit union has done wonders for me in times of need and only that kind of community can help a man who doesn’t have thousands or millions in their coffers, which they use to skirt laws and break you if id doesn’t work out.

bailout, anybody?

this guy is not making step after step after step to become president, as obama did. as clinton did. after 20 years he is doing it because he believes he has to. he feels it’s the right thing to do to save america. he is deeply rooted in ridding politics of corporate influence. he wrote to me via twitter that “i would close all loopholes & work to overturn decision that made corporations people.”

that works for me.


he would encourage american businesses to buy from other american businesses, even if it costs a little more. tax amendments mentioned above and other incentives will help make it even again. imagine, if you aren’t paying taxes, or half of what you used to, you can afford to support your local manufacturer of clothing and automobiles and american-made motorcycle products.

he wants us out of war in the mid-east, were we live for numerous reasons. one is that one-third of our war machines are produced in other countries, and we supply the security. we now make them in iraq. that is like making crack cocaine and asking your dealer to protect your place while you make more crack.

“sure! for more crack!”

war is a money maker and i asked mister roemer if he knew the last president to take on the military-industrial complex was killed. he declined to respond. maybe he knew about this:

war zombies need brains

he is a brave man. that gets my respect.

we’ve got enough oil resources between laurel, montana and rapid city, south dakota to last a hundred years. we do not need mid-east oil. i don’t trust oil companies, but it’s already being done out there so finish it up and send their 17% tax to fund research and construction of a new energy industry that we will have biofuel and renewable energy to power everything from our cities to our cars within 20 years.

my friends, as a lover of new orleans and the gulf coast in general, mr. roemer would eliminate all energy subsidies, including oil, gas and ethanol while the department of energy would be dismantled. they are corporate w***** to the oil industry, as we discovered a few years ago.

this would mean companies like bp, who pollute and destroy and still profit because they don’t pay tax, would be held accountable for their actions and be taxed like everybody who makes over 50k is taxed.

i asked him to consider focusing more on “green” energy, and legalizing hemp for the thousands of uses it is good for, including biofuel, clothing, and plastic. he is into renewable energy and i am sure he has heard the word hemp in regards to this, and other reasons, before.

he’ll work to restore the glass-steagall act of 1933, which for decades kept bank speculation and commercial banking separated from investment banking until it was repealed by bill clinton. it worked for a few years until…. about the time your bank repossessed your house and/or you were laid off from your job and/or went bankrupt and/or lost almost everything.

restore the glass-steagall act

i’m hoping mr. roemer will tax imports so walmart isn’t a better deal than visiting the grocery or hardware or any local store where they remember you and go out of their way to help because you are their neighbor.

i do not agree with all of his positions, i agree with 90% and believe it’s probably impossible to be 100% with any person, much less a politician, but as i look around and see the alternative options, i believe buddy roemer is the man to vote for. by far.

he can be listed as an independent on a 50-state-wide ballot, but you have to go to americans elect, who have a relatively labor intensive signup, but it verifies people and minimizes fraud, and will help buddy get the nomination and on the ballot nationwide. buddy needs 10,000 to “vote” for him there to receive their help and without it, his ability to help our nation will likely be over. do not let it go to ron paul, also on the americans elect site. he has 40 million dollars sitting around for his campaign. buddy has 700,000. he needs your help.

he needs it by sunday night. he’s over 4,000 votes shy. please. click this link and go through the process to support buddy roemer.

he needs to beat ron paul. who does not need it. he’s backed by over 40 million dollars in corporate donations. buddy roemer refuses that. he is counting on you. ten bucks, fifty bucks, a hundred bucks at a time.

i asked buddy a few questions in a twitter town hall last night, and he answered many of them. you can scroll down my twitter list to see his replies to my inquiries.

to read more, visit buddyroemer.com. tell him i sent you.

let me remind you, in case you did not watch all of the videos above, athenian lawmaker solon decreed over 2,600 years ago that it was a crime to shrink from controversy. i agree. this nation has been filled with corporate lackeys and apathetic fools. solon wrote the following when politicians were also poets:

the man whose riches satisfy his greed
is not more rich for all those heaps and hoards
than some poor man who has enough to feed
and clothe his corpse with such as *** affords.

i have no use for men who steal and cheat;
the fruit of evil poisons those who eat.

some wicked men are rich, some good men poor,
but I would rather trust in what’s secure;
our virtue sticks with us and makes us strong,
but money changes owners all day long.

we are greedy by nature. more today than ever before. do not let greed sway you. your 50″ hdtv will not pray for you but it may bury you. same with your mercedes, or, as many have discovered, your five-bedroom home.

stand up and save not only yourself, but be a hero and consider how we should call no man happy before he dies. help save your nation, and may divine providence shine upon us all. i declare buddy roemer as our best hope out of the police state that has been growing for at least 60 years, and which has taken great leaps and bounds to enslave us in the past ten.

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  1. Trent this is an excellent, EXCELLENT, post. I think that Roemer’s voice has been unfairly squashed because he isn’t owned by corporations. Hat’s off to him. I’m going to continue to investigate and learn all I can about the presidential candidates, as I have become increasingly disgusted with the current state of the union. I, for one, refuse to bend to the authority of the almighty dollar and the straight laced puppet that demands sheep-dom (is that a word?). Thank you for bringing Roemer on my radar. More learning is required before I make my ultimate decision but so far I LOVE what this guy has to say. **** the corporate man and **** the sheep who fall prey.

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