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places to see and people to go

the ho (aka: “the woman who inexplicably loves me”) and i will be at both of these events, so show up and hang with us. she is much more charming and beautiful than i am, trust me.

we’ll be kicking in a stacked-with-cool-stuff booth with rusty knuckles, their bands, and maybe we’ll have a bike or two you’ve never seen before with us.


regardless, there will be much to see and do and besides our immaculate presence (sarcastic remarks apply here), you ought to show up and dig the killer and rowdy music, the skate scene, the hot rods, and the custom chops and bobs. plus, we’re all great to hang and drink beers with. so come for the festivities and have a memorable time, mofos.

the rumble in barona: 09.10.11
this year the ramp will be at the barona drag strip at 1750 wildcat canyon road, lakeside, ca.

stuff that will allegedly occur:
+  run-what-you-brung drag races.
+  vert jam with all the greats from the past and present: darren navarrette, christian hosoi, jeff grosso, lance mountain, max schaaf, steve caballero, jake brown, danny way, sam hitz, peter hewitt and more…
+  music to skate to by zeke, antiseen, hellbound glory, the green lady killers, and more.
+  tons of custom cars and bikes.
+  food, girls, charity raffle, camping and chaos!

stay tuned for more info as it arrives, plus raleigh rumble randomness coming october 15 as well….

[NOTE 07.22.11: these shows have been cancelled due to extreme s**t talking of children playing grown-up]

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