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the suicide | gnarly belgian honda dax rat chopper

i’m liking facebook and the growth bikerMetric is experiencing. a year ago i’d spend ten hours a day reading and researching, trying to find the cool swap meet **** to share with you mofos.

now people actually email me, or they belong to the bikerMetric wastebook page and post something i comment to by writing, “hey, you wanna send me pix and build info on that piece of ****?” and they do! suckers.

today we have a whacked-out honda dax called “the suicide.” the dax was a moped built by honda from 1969 through 2000 and is very popular in the far east and many european countries. in stock form they had an air-cooled four-stroke engine with either a “semi-automatic three-speed transmission” or a four-speed manual. dax motors were 50, 70 and 90cc.

the builder of this dax is giovanni from the old garage in belgium. he had a long vacation and decided to “let my ideas go without anything on paper, all in my mind.” he took his disc and began cutting, making the hardtail, suicide shifter, sissy-bar, and many more custom elements for this nasty little scooter.

giovanni says “it sure stands out when meeting dax clubs and it didn’t cost me that much to build.”


it’s been through several stages, including the addition of an aftermarket 150cc motor, which allows it to hit 65 miles an hour. here are a couple of pix from it’s first iteration:

thanks for sending me these pix and info about your “suicide” dax, gio! but what’s the deal with the 1980’s dance music on your website? ouch, man.

here’s some asian cat sticking it to an easily excitable police occifer. hooray!

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  1. That is the strangest damned scooter I have ever seen. I was thinking half way through, ‘does it even move?’ the bigger motor must have been important with those wheels. Not bad, totally insane, but cool.

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

  2. great job
    i really love it
    what rear tire is it?

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