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one of the best fng’s ever

Chris Flechtner from speedshopdesign signed up yesterday to keep an eye on all things bikerMetric. I usually make smartassed remarks about noobs, but in this case I’m simply humbled. I’ve been a fan since I saw this bike:

I know, it’s not metric, it’s an old ironhead, but man it’s sweet. It’s also for sale until October 24th at 6:00PM Pacific time.

But this is the bike that really got me:

It’s a 1965 BSA A65 that’s been re-imagined.

Thanks for dropping by, man. It’s a pleasure to have you around.

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  1. Dude, your too nice! Thanks for not giving me a bunch of **** ;) I love the breath of cool bikes that you cover… I always find inspiration here, thank you!


  2. i have to get an interview done with shoe then i will ask you, chris. at that time, the **** will fly!

    thank you. it’s guys like you that give me hope.

    email me any time you have something you want to disseminate.

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