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Here’s a big shout out to Stargyle, our newest member. Thanks for joining our little club of metric madfolk, man.

Here are some photos of some bikes by the good dudes at Moto Garage Life:

Normally I don’t post metrics that are water cooled because, well, that’s extra **** on a bike that often interferes with the clean and lean ethic promoted on bM. Regardless of that sense of purity, which you see I trample on at will anyway, I’d like to offer the above custom Suzuki Intruder for your inspection.

For a water-cooled, softail-style suspension, it’s nice. These guys packed everything in pretty tightly and it’s impressive. It might not be incredibly lean, but the nature of the cooling system prohibits that. Instead, it’s clean and mean and I bet a **** of a lot more comfortable to ride after about 20 miles than a stiff-assed inline twin.

Here are a couple more examples from Moto Garage Life:

Slick city tracker and a great example of a lean scoot machine. Bet it’s fun as **** with candy bars to ride.

That’s a nice thing to do to a little Honda Cub. I really dig seeing bikes like this because I want to make one for the punk kid. She’d be the coolest emo brat in town.

Great work, guys. Be sure to check out Moto Garage Life online. They do shovelheads and sporty’s, too.


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