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monday updates and freedom or death machine build #1

Good morning metric dudes.

If this is your first visit to bikerMetric, please look around, click the reaction buttons and leave a comment or two. Thanks!

Besides all the tedious re-posting I’ve got to accomplish this week, we’ll be posting build pix and info for the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE, which has begun:

The hardtail from Elswick Cycles has arrived. It came with weld-in slugs for lower tubes and center downtube, a spacer for rear axle adjuster to work with and meaty, attractive axle plates with adjusters. The tail has the bends in the right spot, kicking up early towards the rear axle and leaves nothing for you to do or fabricate. It even comes with instructions for exactly where to cut, how to center, and weld it on. It’s an incredibly high-quality piece and we’re thankful to Robert and Jamie for providing us with it.

We’ve also got more interviews, another tech piece, and more while I try to get the new site finished.

Thanks for your support, everybody. See you later.


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