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bM logo etching by jenn maa

received a nifty present in the mail yesterday. jenn maa from helrich custom cycles is learning how to etch/engrave stuff and generously offered to do a little brass piece of the winged bikerMetric logo.

brass bM logo etching by jenn maa of helrich custom cycles on the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE

we’re going to bend it a bit and braze it to the headlamp cowl of the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE, after we modify the cowl and do a hundred other things to the bike, starting with bringing in the neck, shaving the fork legs, building 1″ bars to match the 1″ risers, re-painting the bubbling paint, lining the inside of the rusting gas tanks, and some other sh*t that should have been done right the first time but wasn’t.

until then, here’s another pretty picture.

brass bM logo by jenn maa from helrich custom cycles

thanks jenn. this kicks a metric ton of gasping-for-breath-as-they-die banker ***.


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