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mid america motorcycle auction

Hey Bandit, send me to Vegas in January! I want to go to the Mid America Motorcycle Auction from the 7th through the 9th. Time to dig out the quarters in the change jar!

There will be approximately 400 motorcycles up for auction. I just spent the last hour going through them on their website and found a bunch of great bikes, including this clean little Kawasaki.

It’s a 1974 Mach IV, a three-cylinder 750cc and looks pretty clean. It has the original paint with Kawasaki upgrades such as the dual front disc brakes, upgraded exhaust and rear shock frame section.

The two-stroke Mach IV was a beast of a bike. According to Kawasaki’s sales brochure, the machine had “only one purpose in life: To give you the most exciting and exhilarating performance,” and was “a machine you must take seriously.”

I could easily post fifty great images of slick old metric scooters, but I won’t bore you. Go and find them for yourself at midamericaauctions.com.

Okay. One more.

No, wait! Dig this:

Hooray for cool old motorcycles!


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