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metrics at mooneyes

check out a ton of great pix from the mooneyes yokohama show, including a funny yamaha xs650 bike that looks like a 1970’s kid’s bicycle with a leopard-skin banana seat and ape bars here at sparetime.

heiwa honda cb77 brat bobber mooneyes
heiwa honda cb77 brat bobber wins mooneyes “best domestic motorcycle”
ground work's yamaha sr500 brat
yamaha sr500 brat by ground work
honda 90 choppy
honda 90 chop
unknown inline twin streetfighter
unknown motor in edgy engraved streetfighter

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  1. I can stop drooling… But enough about me!. I’ve been into this metric bobber thing for oh about 5 months and I owe it all to bikermetric.com. I was saving up for a sporty and a guy a couple towns over had a 79xs650 cheep, well needless to say I found ur site around midnight drinking way to much and by noon the next day I was the proud owner!. Thanks so much bro and could u please put together like a calender of events for rebel *** ****! Like when metric shop throw bashes or huge custom show maby even some chill art shows, what I’m saying is I have no idea when all ths ***** going down and I seem to miss it all I wish there was a place I could go and look at a calender and say “**** yea I’m going to that ****”. Well keep it real boss

  2. your $50 is in the mail, man.

    i see those posters for shows, parties, rides, and events all over online. i don’t post them often because i figure everybody knows by the time i find out.

    what i’m doing is showing the bikes, builders, and the parts manufacturers for the garage builder. i also don’t have time to make calendars for free. some day i may, but i’m scrambling to survive as a custom metric motorbike critic right now. it’s not a high-paying career.

    but anybody that sends me a poster for their shindig will likely get it posted.

    if you’re a noob, you’ll quickly figure out where to go for that kind of news.

    thanks for the props, rocksteady. please keep commenting and let us know how your bike is coming along.

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