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friday’s post of cool stuff #40: wtf fng nwo gov lol

discovered a great story today from frank at motart. it’s a bike trip a dude named trevor made from some hillbilly junction in arkansas to the west coast and back with a couple of friends. it’s funny and he made the trip on a stock honda cb750. tons of pix, not too wordy, i read every page, thoroughly enjoyed it, and for noobs it’s a lesson on how to dress properly. some of the photos are great. here is one photo, not so great, but it amuses me and i think i’ll call it “the threesome that never happened:”

you’ll know more about that title if you read trevor’s story. do it!

the third finger!

i cannot find a study where the allegations made against police were related to court trials, plea bargains, pleads of innocent or guilty, court verdicts, or anything. it seems that what you need to keep your civil liberties against police action is a video camera. video playback is the best way to bust a cop who is acting out his own psychological trauma while beating you for acting on yours.

why do we need cops? if someone busts through your door and you’re not smart, fast, or strong enough to stab, shoot or bludgeon the intruder, then f**k you. you die.

would ****** revolution get america smart and fit fast? i bet so. watch china extend credit. watch some economic protectionism put the world on edge. watch independent americans create food, manufacture goods, and emerge as the number one economic power after focusing on renewable fuel and power creation.

why were we on the moon eight years after kennedy declared it was the american goal, but we now die and are hated worldwide due to religious wars that would not need to be fought if we simply allowed the great expanse of our nation to fuel us?

saying it and printing it for thousands makes it closer to happening.

welcome to the new bikerMetric, where bikes, babes, beer, and blood taste like skittles.

we were on the moon because we worked hard, believed in our employers, who in turn believed in us, and we all had faith america would achieve what seemed impossible until a president demanded it.

the results of last week’s poll:

the united states of america is:

the world power: 5 (8%)
one of the world powers: 3 (4%)
china’s b**ch: 20 (32%)
opec’s master: 0 (0%)
filled with fat: 23 (37%)
socialist: 2 (3%)
a democracy: 0 (0%)
a republic: 3 (4%)
george orwell’s nightmare: 6 (9%)

62 total votes

my “i’ll be nice if you comment” promise still stands. i just took a xanax.

+   +   +

george d., a bikerMetric supporter, rides this clean colored moto guzzi in vancouver, b.c.:

lots of nice details if you click the photos to see larger-resolution images and look closely.

he’d also like you to read this book.

you thought i dropped it. it’s that i’m a parenthetical thinker, not incredibly linear. do you see a big picture here or am i crazy?

okay. stupid question. except i’m not crazy, just mad.

fifty years ago this coming may, jfk stood before congress, a joint session, and told america that it must put men on the moon in less than nine years. it was may 25, 1961. in his words he stated emphatically that the united states had to “catch up to and overtake” the ussr in the “space race.” the usa was behind. the soviet union had put men in orbit and launched the first satellite. something had to be done.

much like the united states must catch up and overtake china economically, and free itself from it’s most addictive drug: opec oil.

man stepped on the moon less than eight years and two months after jfk’s speech.

what is more amazing and more difficult to do: going to the moon or making biofuel?

it isn’t terrorism that’s the problem, people. that’s the story you’ve been fed for a decade to distract you from the truth while the labor of your forefathers and the future of your children is used up. the facts are not buried under enough middle eastern sand to keep them from rising like a zombie to eat stupid f***ing brains. i like brains. scramble ’em and put them in my eggs with toast.

wow. see the close up of jfk here and the larger landscape of the photo above it? is it me or is lbj flipping off jfk? maybe johnson painted his **** to look like a finger! and it was detachable! coincidence or an omen?

wait… maybe…. whoa…. it’s an alien’s antennae! and it lives on jfk’s shoulder!

whatever. it’s probably just a misplaced microphone painted to look like a finger because everybody knew jfk was gonna be killed soon. except marilyn….

so. people keep clicking constitutional conundrums. i try to have less friends on facewit the next day than i had the day before. so far, it’s stalled with no growth for a couple days. as the great *** mohammad wrote in ***** upon a concubine’s back, let there be….

what? you thought mohammad had more come? the periods are where he shook it off.

scroll up to the first image in this post for reference.

MD Nadar recently closed up a wound and clicked the best button of doom. he has an interesting photo album and knows how to operate an automatic assault rifle. betcha he can tear it down, clean every part, re-assemble it and shoot a nice burst within five minutes.

rides a yamaha v-star and is one goth motherf***er. his patronage of my humble metric home makes me want to watch true blood and listen to the cramps while thinking about what the skull of my last employer would look like if i dipped it in acid, scrubbed it with the pubes from his ex wife, and wiped it down with bleach.

pretty f***ing cool, i’m thinking.

ElSolitarioMC is a troublemaker. best avoid him.

AZTOON TATTOO STUDIO surely clicked the wrong button.

kelkat.tdawg is fire and ice, so watch out ’cause you never know unless you’re earth and wind. then, well…. yeah.

oh. osama bin laden and blood oil. aristocratic politicians and your fate. stuff like that. until you’ve had enough. get mad. get even. pray to be forgiven.

“lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.” – thomas jefferson

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  1. **** yeah Trent!!!
    Whole lotta of critical stuff going on in this article man! Interesting to say the least!
    I’m hooked!!!

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