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mark van der kwaak/dbbp steals a photo of my xs650 chopper

check out this link:


my bike is on that page with somebody else’s logo all over it with no credit to the photographer (me), nor my site, bikerMetric, which he stole it from.

i emailed mark friday afternoon and kindly asked him to credit me or replace the photo with one i sent him in the email where bikerMetric is clearly displayed in the image (see pic below of what i sent).

this is what i wrote:

hey mark;a reader of my site at bikerMetric.com sent me an email to let me know my FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE was on your site as a “cool ***.” i appreciate the love.i have attached a better image for you that isn’t as saturated as the one you have. it also has my website name on it so folks can see where it’s from.



he has had time to post on facebook in the past few days but has not replied to me or changed my stolen photo to the one i sent that credits the copyrighted owner, which is always the photographer, which is me.

what makes this most uncool is that i’ve posted his work here before with numerous links back to him. now i’ll edit those posts and credit, but delete the links to a thief.

as i wrote on friday, CREDIT THIS SITE or DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING AND RE-POST IT ON YOURS. i do not care who you are or who you think you are or who your friends are.

ladies and gentlemen, please email mr. kwaak as i did three days ago and ask him to credit me for the photo i took, and which he has stolen, of my FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE, or take it down.


thank you for your continuing support, you metric motherf***ers.

[EDIT: one hour later] this metric army rules.

it took less than an hour for mr. kwaak to simply take the photo down, post his “removed at request of owner” image in my photo’s place, and comment on his fb page, “nobody has asked me that before.”

guess i’m nobody.

this nobody does not bow before anybody. only by making it public did this copyright/intellectual property violation get his attention. i will no longer post his work here. it sucks when you give someone a lot of respect and they give you none. oh well. my self respect remains intact.

thanks, folks. intellectual property is important to keep. you’re welcome to share everything here. please credit me and every site you do that with. peace out.


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