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leave facebook

it seems i have a “friend” on facebook who likes to periodically report my “friends only” images which repeatedly get me banned. either that or i am on a list.


here are the last two that were deemed “unacceptable:”

can nobody take a joke? or appreciate creativity? perky nipples under a shirt hiding impossibly large *****? is it wrong to be weird? bad to be funny? sweeny todd would have your head! teeth.

they were both posted on fb over a year and-a-half ago and nobody has complained about my pinterest pages.

somebody has time to waste(book) on their hands, and is a petty dark-souled *****.

the official bikerMetric statement about these photos is, “if you don’t like them, f*** you.”

i don’t do this for money. if i did you’d me making me a sandwich on your knees and your teeth would be in a cup.

facebook can be fun, but most often wastes my time, as it does yours, and generates a whopping 1 to 5% of the viewers who visit bikerMetric (depending on which analytic source i believe). with 45,000 viewers last month, no more than 2,200 came from facebook. so who cares. it does this while marketing to me by stealing my info and selling it to others.

i can eat that 1-to-5% and **** it out with no **** splash in the toilet. nice and easy as i read the paper.

newspaper ****

so f*** you, facebook. i got along fine without you 18 months ago. when i return a week from today, i will post on my “timeline” after i delete all my images, that i will be gone, and the entire bikerMetric group will be deleted within minutes.

be sure to show up for that final post, and the images that will go along with it. they won’t be there long.

for those of you who like the bM group and it’s interactions, i apologize for your loss. a lot of people got exposure there and help, too. at one point we had over 900 members before i went on a cleansing purge after myself, and others, began to get “banned” by facebook. the group has 800 members now. this site gets almost twice that amount of viewers daily. therefore, you’d be better off – and will gain more exposure – to email me your custom bike builds, info and questions. i’ll post and see what i can do to help.

where would you prefer to have your stuff seen, anyway? in front of 150 people a day or 1,500?

because of the hassle and waste of time, it makes no sense for me to remain on fb. i don’t care to mess with it any longer. i do not need to be told what to do by some a**hole in india making a dollar an hour paid by a billionaire ***** in the usa who sells my “preferences” to corporations for profit. neither do you. so f*** you, zuckerberg. see you in the room we share in ****.

the image below is what the $1-an-hour lackey uses to judge what you post on fb. the site this was purloined from claims their workers are paid $20 an hour. this link proves that claim to be a lie.

no, it isn’t a photoshop trick by trent.

source: verified.

click me and i get bigger

here is how it really works: read closely. the interview is with the odesk ceo (completely everything obfuscated), gary swart. he is the liar’s liar. he even says $30 an hour, contrary to his own website. $30 an hour to censor facebook members and whatever else they do for aol and wikipedia from india and russia? how can i get a passport fast? i can make real money in moscow!

yeah. right.

how many times have you visited wikipedia to be assaulted with a “please donate” banner at the top of the page? as if they have $30 an hour plus what odesk wants on top? has nobody ever worked for a temp agency? a client pays double what you get paid as a temp to not have to deal with hiring or firing you, paying benefits, or otherwise giving a sh*t.

odesk contracts 100% foreign labor, although you won’t find that on their website, they will charge you more if you wish to use your own staff through their program because you believe americans understand americans better than a russians or an indians. this is the company facebook uses to “police” their site and it’s members. foreign labor is paid pennies to judge you and me. the 30 bucks? 29 goes into that a**hole’s pocket. i will not support overseas/outsourced bullsh*t. this is just one reason out of a dozen that made me leave facebook.

another thing you may realize by leaving facebook is your network is smaller, but stronger. so, fellow bikerMetric facebook group members, click here to find all you are missing is dead weight.

guess what? i have a link to the pdf of the book “100 bullsh*t jobs and how to get them,” by stanley bing, whoever he is. anyway, some of the bullshit jobs include advertising executive, agent, consultant, escort, politician, vice president of the united states, and blogger. some is dead on and i love it. i’m a blogger and consultant and i know exactly what bullsh*t it is that i do. so there, a**holes. have fun!

as for that one or ten loser “friends” who have their karma coming, what you do means so little, i don’t even need to bother past this “stick it” post, which i like to do every once in a while, anyway. thank you.

here is where it’s at. facebook is wastebook. it is the cia’s b*tch. it is the ultimate corporate w****. this was bound to happen. i called it weeks ago. somewhere. i don’t care to research my past regarding predictions. it’s the future i am concerned with.

to those of you who build bikes and only have wastebook pages, i will not promote you. do not email me. your “i just posted this on facebook” tweet will be ignored and eventually i will stop following you. get a lame blog like this, or even better, wordpress. post to your own blog, not facebook. get readers on your own site. get off the teat where they won’t let you post what you really “like” and free yourself, your privacy, and your life from the inept waste of your time in the cell of the facebook corporate lie.


it’s like buying made-in-china motorcycle parts from those who obfuscate with a sly “american made” company brand with 300% profit margins or me, making them in the usa and working my a** off to make it happen?

liberate your dreams from the liars and the thieves. rebel against the corporate overseas machine. we can do it all here. in the united states of america. and what you “like” and what you say is yours and yours alone.

that is my challenge to you all.leave facebook.


[UPDATE 06.09.12 -8:30PM CST]

see the photo below? if i put this in one of my “friends only” photo folders on facebook, i could get banned for a month. i found a better place. or maybe it’s “re-discovered.”

i’m going to post this on chop cult right f***ing now. let’s see if i get a message like the screenshot below.

the best thing about chop cult, besides how they supported me with free swag i gave away two years ago when i threw a big party in austin to unveil the piece of **** that shat motorbikes super glued together is that it’s a freaking motorbike site. no children and only a dozen or so who hate my guts.

sign upand help get it rolling. it’s easy to maneuver around and more fun than the latest joke from wanda the cubicle worker who makes you wonder why you’re “friends.” we’ll have our old group happening, maybe smaller, but smarter. less lurkers. more builders.

so do it. dig it. thank you!

buh bye

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  1. what i wrote to fb:

    i have been “banned” for a week for two images that were posted either months or years ago, and which seem to be suddenly dragged out.

    first, neither image sported nudity. flesh? yes. no genitalia, no nipples, nothing of the sort, so i wonder what was “wrong” about them. is a belly button “nudity” now?

    secondly, i demand to know who is “reporting” these violations as the photos are in “friends only” folders.

    i can give you entire groups showing images much more risque than what you continue to ban me for.

    besides, the links i get from facebook to my 50,000-readers-a-month blog is 1% of the total. i am willing to take my group (bikerMetric) and my page and delete them for this, and past hassles.

    thank you;

    Trent Reker

    + + +

    their reply:


    Thanks for your feedback. We’re constantly trying to improve Facebook, and your input is important to us. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to individual feedback emails, but we are reading them.

    If you are having any problems with your account, please find information about Facebook as well as the answers to many of your questions in our Help Center: https://www.facebook.com/help/


    The Facebook Team

  2. my reply:

    **** you. foreign lackey cubicle slaves.


  3. i’m with you cap’n. so many of our mates have been banned in the last few weeks (including myself) and frankly i am tired of being watch-dogged. **** YOU FLAKEBOOK. i posted, just this morning, that i was strongly considering deactivating my acct. in the last 48 hours i have had MAJOR issues with multiple people because of stupid **** that stupid people have posted about me and over flakebook posting my comments WAY after i made it, thus appearing as shady dealings with the opposite ***. i’m with you boss. sail the ship and i’ll ride it till we sink. i bet davy jones won’t ***** about nipples, camel toes or half naked pinups. in fact, i have a few pictures i’m saving for the glorious **** YOU FACEBOOK day. they will be quite spectacular and i will go out in a fabulous, and risque, way.

  4. I wonder if any of this has to do with facebook going public next week? Just think next week, you will be able to own a piece of facebook.
    I do have a facebook, but I only signed up, so that I could see pictures of my grandbrat. Within a few days of signing up, people I had not seen, or heard from in 30 years were coming out of the woodwork wanting to be my friend. Did they ever stop to think there might be a reason that they have not seen, or heard from me in 30 years? Anyway I keep my facebook open just in case there might be someone looking, for me that I might actually want to hear from.

  5. **** ya …do the forum and tell Fuckbook to **** **** this ****. What a bunch of fucktards. Nough said ….time to pull the face plug.

  6. good. copy and paste the following link into your browser and we’ll raise the sinking bikerMetric ship from facebook waters and sail to great promise: http://www.zurker.com/i-178044-mbumjzkcyw

  7. sad to see one **** it up for the many. we need a lynchin’!
    I’ll be with ya on the new ship cap’n T. My shop is just starting,and the support of me maties on the bM ship have been very helpful,so thanks for that. met a few cool friends as well. hope to see ya all in the new groupe. cheers for now. Jason Hickey/J’sKustomWorks. Ride free or ****** die!

  8. find bikerMetric on chopcult.con (http://www.chopcult.com/group/141/). that will do for now, or forever, whichever bores me least.

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