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kyle’s honda rebel by machine-13

if you recall three weeks ago i posted a couple of pieces about honda rebel bikes being built. one was by hugh’s handbuilt and the other by zack at machine-13, where we had a little interview, profiled his artwork and his first honda rebel brat style bobber. he made that one for himself and it seems he’s found a niche in tempe, arizona for these indestructible little twins that get about 80 miles per gallon and will rip around surface street traffic with ease.

zack has since finished his second bike for a friend named kyle. this is it.

zack did everything you see here including the gas tank artwork.  his buddy kyle was very involved in the bike and was happy because he was able to have a lot of input regarding the style and parts.

check out zack at machine-13 and tell him you found him on bikerMetric.

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  1. sick bike…im actually gonna try to do that to a rebel…not as cool as that one but gonna try…what bars are those?

  2. as far as i know, zack did the bars.

    you can contact him by email at loveandinkart at yahoo.com or call 480.239.6881. tell him i sent you his way. he’s a good kid and will be happy to tell you where they came from or if he built them.

  3. This Rebel is amazing. Great work!

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