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vt600 shadow bobber for a woman in spain by free kustom cycles

got an email from a bikerMetric reader from spain. seems more and more spanish cats are hip to what’s happening here so i’d like to start with a shout out to all those guys from alex at el diablo to dave from el solitario for their kind words to others about bM. thanks, motherf***ers!

this started with an email from marcos vazquez at free kustom cycles in barcelona. he wrote that it would be an “honor to see this bike on your site,” and that he would be “really happy for this!”

i’m obviously doing something wrong here. probably not drinking enough.

as the title states, this bike is built for a young woman. it’s a 1995 honda vt600 shadow and if i am correct, all the stuff on the bike, unless signified otherwise, was built by free custom cycles including the gas tank, handlebars, rear fender, side panels, foot controls, and more.

marcos and his men cut the fender struts and footpegs and then welded the holes in the frame to clean it up for the rear fender. they adapted the front end from a harley xl and used a lowering kit for the bike which kept the hidden stock suspension. the buttons on the bars were built in-house, then they added vintage grips and biltwell risers to the handlebars.

the seat pan was made and upholstered by vanessa from midnight rider. inside the gas tank fkc put a led light and two little panels were laser cut on each side by their friend oscar (aka “el bicho”) of west valley. the lights go on with the ignition key for a little girly flare.

fkc changed the air filter box in exchange for two chrome cone filters, and placed hippy killer footpegs and shiftpegs on their controls. the rear fender was cut and the rear light was built into it.

it’s a cool bike for a girl. i dig it. with led lights in the tank and some killer metal work. good job guys.

to get a little more info about marcos and free kustom cycles, visit the stranger blog to read a short interview.

find more from free custom cycles by visiting their website (in spanish) or their blog (in english).

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