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2007 honda rebel bobber by bullit custom cycles

Bullit Custom Cycles is located just outside of my home town, Toronto, Canada. The two buddies specialize in ’70 and ’80 Japanese customs. Their online webstore provides cool stuff for various models. One of their specialties is making billet triples and other billet parts for Japanese bikes and they build custom metric bobbers, choppers, and cafe racers on commission.

“Our latest customer build was a 2007 Honda 250 Rebel. The customer bought the bike as a non running  abandoned project at a dealer. Once in our shop we were talking styles and parts for his bike and he noticed a late ’60 Triumph tank on another build in the shop so we took it off and tried on his and that set the theme!

2007 Honda Rebel Bobber Triumph Rear Fender

2007 Honda Rebel Bobber Battery Box

Brittany started stripping the bike down and getting parts ready for powder coating while I started fabbing the new tank tunnel, battery box to hold a 4 cell Ballistic battery, one into two stainless carb intake.

The customer also wanted the rear fender as tight as possible to the bigger 140/90-15 rear tire. So we came up with a single sided fender stay that is part of the rear wheel axle spacer so the spacing stays constant with the tire. The doner fender came from a Triumph 500 chopped re-worked with a hand beaten kick.

2007 Honda Rebel Bobber Frame

2007 Honda Rebel Bobber Motor

Stock engine was replaced because of missing left side piston (yes that’s right no piston) and cylinder bore was badly scored. Replacement engine was cleaned, re-sealed, clutch rebuilt , painted and powder-coated.

After de-tabbing the frame a new exhaust bracket was made to hang the newly powder coated and wrapped Jardine  full exhaust.

21″ aluminum front rim was laced to the stock Honda disc hub. The front fender is a re-worked stock unit to fit the 21″ rim.

Stock front forks disassembled, cleaned,  powder-coated, re-sealed and reassembled.

2007 Honda Rebel Bobber Fatman Custom Gas Tank Decal

Ape Hanger handle bars were made after the customer sent me a pic he found on the net and ask me to copy them.

Speedo gauge, headlight, idiot lights, hand controls are stock Rebel unit that were disassembled, cleaned, polished, painted and powder coated.

Custom throttle, clutch and choke cables were made and assembled with Motion-Pro cable kit. New braided steel custom length hyd. front brake line from Apex.

Solo seat, mount and springs are from La Rossa seats.

2007 Honda Rebel Bobber

Grips, tires, gaskets, seals, brake pads, carb kit, rear signals, jetting supplied by Sirius Consolidation.

Front signals and license-taillight combo supplied by TC Bros.

Stock rear shocks de-tabbed and powder-coated rear swingarm.

Build time 60 days.”

Check out Bullit Custom Cycles and leave a comment to show some support!

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  1. Very cool project !!! I just got a 2012 rebel and plan on doing a few things to it,bags, seat, taillight, rear turn singles and the main focal point 16″ rise bars. How much trouble do you think I’m going to have with the cables ect. I’m going to leave the back fender along but I’m going to put the all in one brakelight, turn singles under the fender with the license plate. Solo seat like what you did but black and black hard bags. The bike is red and in excellent condition with 5000 miles. I’m going to have a lot of holes in the fender but I’m hoping the rite chrome screws might do the trick. I’d like to take the front fender off and put a chrome fork brace on,any idea who makes a fork brace for a rebel. I’m hoping the bags and seat are going to give it a nice look. I don’t want to have to paint the bags and there’s some good looking aftermarket bags that come gloss black so hopefully problem solved. I hoping to keep it pretty simple and quick but the bars because of the cables and wires might give me a little resistance. Wires should be easy to extend but I have to find the cables. Any input would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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