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honda cb125/200 tracker "kill hill" by hajarbroxx

yesterday i received an email from a guy i’ve been promoting pretty hard in facebook after i discovered him at the beginning of september when i posted some info and photos of his clean cb100 tracker. another bike of his had first been posted by our friend scott at pipeburn on april fools day of 2010.

since then, i added the guy who built the cb100 to the bikerMetric facebook page where he posted stuff and a few hundred of our most hardcore fans and friends would then disseminate his work throughout the world. he was on his way.

the bike here is called “kill hill” and is a highly customized 1970’s cb125 built for a client who wanted an “army green hill climber.”

the frame had heavy modifications including changing the *** from two shocks to a monoshock. the swingarm was modified and extended from a honda gl200 swingarm and the monoshock was taken from a yamaha scooter.

the engine was also heavily modified by combining parts of the cylinder and head from a 160cc honda gl and boring the motor up to 200cc.


dual fog lights were used for headlights. the front wheel is a 21″ alloy and the rear is a 15″. hajarbroxx made the exhaust and everything else was “just trying to get the badass look on the bike.”

it’s got bad and *** written all over it for sure. good job creating such a great bike, guys.

now hajarbroxx is on it’s way again, and headed for bigger and better things. this will be the last time you see their work here. bM only gets 40,000 readers a month lately. that’s bad but not 140,000, and that’s where they want to be. oh well. maybe some day…

good luck with your newfound fame, guys. sorry i couldn’t be of more help.

now to see that hajarbroxx tracker show it’s ***!

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  1. **** Them if they think there too good for 40,000 readers a month.

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