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i promised metric bobbers and choppers and the space shuttle was on ebay

well, it’s been a busy day. up at the crack of 11 and now it’s 2:20 in the morn and i’ve got to wake in five hours so take what you get and like it.

tonight’s “hurry the f**k up” post is a couple of nifty pix of bikerMetric fan and friend robbie’s radical nsu chopper, which i first posted here three months ago. now it’s a rider and robbie took her down to france for the invite-only pecquencourt bike show where he ate cheese and drank wine with new friends.

one of his new friends is photographer floris velthuis, who obviously took these great photos.

it seems that to simply be invited to the show wins you an award. robbie got one for “custom motorcycle most likely to gain sentience.

hey! it’s france! they use big words there! and they drink wine! and write poetry! hooray!

i think robbie’s next step with this machine is to slather some paint upon her and set her free to destroy the terminator. then he wants to start on what he’s calling the “v8 stainless bike.” that will be interesting. maybe after that one he’ll use a rocket engine from a space shuttle. yes, the headline was correct. must have been a prank. i love it. the bidding was at $900k when i checked it as i first posted this. punk kids. stay off my lawn!

now here is something not so funny, a pic of mr. robinson with his nsu 1100cc inline-four chopper:

visit robbie’s blog at fumes-n-gears for more of his gnarly chops.

and there you have it. now it’s time for cowboy bebop’s closing music because it reminds me of bedtime:

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  1. Jesus that’s a brilliant bike, very unique and almost Mad Max-esque. Does he have any other builds?

  2. hey james;

    he does. his only online presence is a blog linked in this post at “robbie’s radical nsu chopper,” (in bold) and i’ll make a more obvious one in a moment. no insult intended. i almost always end with something like “visit ______’s blog/website here.” you can also go to facebook and search his name (robbie robertson )for more. i’m sure he’ll friend you as well.

    on bM, all text in white is a link. unless it’s the labels on the bottom-right. then they’re blue. and except on saturdays when… nah. i kid.

  3. oh, and duh. it’s “robbie robinson.”

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