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poll results, honda motorcycle news, and the sun

i am unsure if bringing up last weeks poll in conjunction with news about japan is appropriate due to the nature of the land of the rising sun’s unbelievably catastrophic events. it makes the poll question a little…. eerie.

i just typed “eerie” into webster’s online dictionary to be sure it was the word i wanted and a little popup said “eerie is currently in the top 10% of lookups on merriam-webster.com.”

eerie it is, then.

here are the poll results, in order of most to least popular (not the order of the original poll):

if had six months to live:
1.  i’d ride. a lot: 110 (63%)
2.  i’d do what would be remembered: 57 (33%)
2.  i’d get many sloppy BJs: 57 (33%)
3.  i’d tell more people i loved them: 53 (30%)
4.  i’d build a bike: 50 (29%)
5.  i’d do tons of drugs and alcohol: 36 (20%)
6.  i’d hurt those who wronged me: 27 (15%)
6.  i’d hurt those who wronged my loved ones: 27 (15%)
7.  i’d hurt many bankers: 25 (14%)
8.  i’d pray to be forgiven: 22 (12%)
9.  i’d pretend it wasn’t happening: 15 (8%)
9.  i’d seek ***: 15 (8%)
10. i’d pray all the time: 6 (3%)

there were 172 votes, making it the most results in a poll ever on bikerMetric. thank you.

the #1 response isn’t surprising, given the thing everybody comes to this metric motorcycle madhouse to find. it is surprising that “i’d do what would be remembered” and “i’d get many sloppy BJs” scored the same at #2. boys will be boys, it seems. i thought “i’d tell more people i loved them” would be #2.

as is today is albert einstein’s birthday (132 years ago), and i recently quoted him as being disappointed in “the heart of mankind,” i can understand his point as almost twice as many of you would kill people than seek ***. i am not innocent of this, being the motherf***er i am, since i voted to “hurt many bankers” (surprise!) and “those who had wronged loved ones,” but i also voted to “seek ***.” i wonder if i was the only one to choose hurting and setting my soul right simultaneously.

12% of you would pray to be forgiven. don’t wait. do it now. you will be. i promise.

BJs, apparently.

in other news…

honda is suspending production of cars and motorcycles throughout japan. they are also giving ¥300,000,000(approximately $3,700,000 or €2,625,000) to assist in relief efforts. honda is also donating 1,000 gasoline-powered generators with 5,000 gasoline canisters while dispatching staff to show how the generators are used.

the quake moved the earth’s axis 6.5 inches (17 cm) and shortened our day “by changing the distribution of the earth’s mass.” that’s freaky.

additionally, i’ve had people send me crazy stuff about the american military “haarp” devices and how they caused the earthquake and probably katrina, the hatian quake, and more. that may be true. there is money to be made in disaster, same as a war, isn’t there, mr. bilderberg banker?

even so, what is true is that the sun is freaking out lately and nasa had a link on their website this weekend that said the sun’s super-activity can and does cause earthquakes and massive storms on earth. they have since taken that page down. why? because the sun is expected to get all freaky for the next year or two, and this plays into freaking people out.

one more government agency keeping the truth from the people.

note to self: get new thesaurus.

roughly 90 – 120 km above the earth’s surface the ionosphere begins, which is composed of a highly dynamic plasma of electrons and ions generated under the daily assault of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the sun, solar wind bombardment, and cosmic rays. if the land surface below becomes increasingly positive, this plasma sheet will react. maybe the source for the well-documented pre-earthquake ionospheric perturbations lies in the activation of p-holes deep in the earth’s crust and the mischief that they play at the earth’s surface.

in other words, the sun freaked out and then the earthquake. therefore, expect more earthquakes, especially on the “ring of fire,” and i may have an interesting hurricane season in new orleans. great.

i’ll get something custom metric bobber, chopper or cafe racer up tonight. it’s simply been very difficult to focus on motorcycles in the past few days. maybe you understand….

peace out, motherf***ers!

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