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i love the smell of tig welding in the morning

it smells like victory.

ladies and gentlemen, bikerMetric has completed it’s first step toward world domination.

here is an excerpt of an email sent today from nick stringer of metal head fabrication:

Trent;A Mr. Mike R. contacted me to do some work for him. He wanted forks, and possibly a hardtail for his Sportster. We decided it would be better to do a full custom frame to get a better looking bike. He mentioned that he’d found my sorry *** on bikerMetric. Well s**t howdy, I’ll be damned. The power of the written word is a **** of a thing. I’d like to extend a grateful thank you.

this didn’t happen because of me, people. it was you. it was somebody who sent a link to a friend or clicked on something crazy i’d put on facebook or twitter. it was a high google rank for leaf spring forks or custom metric chopper parts or something. all i do is write mad poetry, call for revolution, and screw around in photoshop with photos of metric bobs, chops and cafe racers.

thank you all for coming. each of you help independent men and women work at what they love. your support of the people and organizations i promote on bM means they no longer have to work for a jerk who only wants to give them as little as they can for as much as they can get. independents hold themselves accountable. they have to be honest and live up to their word or they’re toast. nick stringer is one of the best i’ve met in the industry and i’m blessed to have the ability to show the world how badass his work is.

thanks for giving me a shot at helping you, nick.

EDIT 06.15.11
nick promised me a set of his leaf spring forks – at cost – when this was written. i wrote a lot of posts for him that brought him clients who wanted more than forks, but entire frames to match. yesterday i called him up, said i had the money, and how fast could he make the forks.

he told me his “old friends decided to step in on the business end of things. it has been made clear that there will be no forks going out at a discounted rate.”

so much for a man’s word.


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