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helrich stuff & crazy aluminum "paint"

Spoke with Dave Helrich last night and he told me about a bike he’s building. The owner wants the bike to be bare metal and Dave wanted to find a solution that wasn’t clear-coat (looks like ***) and rubbing the bike down with special oils (pain the the ***).

A buddy of his set him up with a guy in San Diego who said he could put an aluminum layer over the gas tank that would be corrosion resistant and give the metal look the bike owner was asking for. He’d spray it on and Dave would just have to polish off the top layer to reveal the aluminum below.

gas tank with aluminum spray
aluminum layer on gas tank

That’s the tank, half completed.

Dave’s buddy is mum on who this guy is, but I know there’s a million bucks for him to make since the bare metal look is the trend now. And he did it for only $200.

Comment if you’d like to know more about this process and the guy who does it.


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  1. click dave’s name at the top of the post and let him know you read about it here. i believe he’s still working with the guy and can get this done for you if you need.

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