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new guy and a triumph bobber

Welcome Davidoff Chenkenov. He’s got a nice blog called Mashed Up Life [UPDATE 08.11.12: the blog is no longer there so the link has been deleted] where he blabs about stuff like bikes and cars, but dude, I gotta say, as a lifelong Suns fan, f*** the Lakers. Thinking that Laker haters are closet Laker fans is akin to saying the b**ch deserved to be raped because she was wearing that revealing outfit.

Oops. Channeling Kobe Bryant there.

Regardless of your sad choice of sports teams, we welcome all here at bikerMetric. Good luck with your new motorbike. I’ll see if I can find some nice pix and links to guys chopping and bobbing VLX’s this week.

Dig the nifty Triumph Bonneville that somebody chopped nicely. Low and long. I like the cafe-inspired seat and the cone exhaust. Visit this link at triumphrat.net to read about the build.

Also, got Dave Helrich’s interview almost completed. Look for that in a day or two.


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  1. Nice Triumph!

    I see you are looking for VLX photos? I have a chopped one. How do i send you a pic.?

  2. hey bjorn. shoot photos to me at my email: trent @ bikermetric .com (no spaces). thanks!

  3. hahaha.. i’m glad you’re as passionate about the suns as I am about the lakers. But like I said, why do people watch videos of teams or players they hate? And yes I do “blab.” Don’t we all?

    anyhow, nice site, I cruise here on my daily reads, keep em coming!

  4. you’ve got a good sense of humor, man. i always poke fun at the noobs. it’s a rite of passage on bM. thanks for coming around and for being involved by commenting.

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