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helrich custom cycles last triumph streetfighter (for a while)

my friends jenn and dave at helrich custom cycles have their latest and greatest triumph “streetfighter” design for sale.

the bike is the last streetfighter-style they are building for at least another year, if ever, so snag it while you can.

when you decide to build a *******’ motorscooter, it has to be completely rebuilt from the dirt up, with the motor torn apart and rebuilt from the sludge trap to the dohickey. that’s what has been done to this incredibly customized trump bobber. she’s got new bearings, seals, clutch, primary chain, and more. the motor has a 750cc big bore kit with new pistons and rings and the front end has been lowered two inches. everything has been cleaned and polished by asian slave labor babes, as is dave helrich’s preference when farming out his bikes to keep competitive in a global market. suffice to say, this bike will love you long time.

as per dave’s exacting demands, the frame was made in a jig and tig welded so that everything is straight and true like a baptist preacher before the inevitable transsexual drug scandal. and like a good tranny, this bike’s five speed was disassembled and rebuilt with collagen lubrication and silicone-based laser beam death rays.

everything on this bike is custom made or modified to get the exact specifications dave’s smokin’ asian slave labor could provide. everything except for the gas tank and fender has fresh powder coat. the harda*s custom saddle is a simple seat pan with a heavy leather pad attached with copper rivets. according to the builder, it is much more comfortable than it looks.

if you tilt your **** just right, this design makes it easy to fart the first few notes of “*** save the queen.” seriously.

helrich custom cycles latest triumph 750cc streetfighter also has brand spanking new electronics. a new high output stator and rotor was installed in the motor, along with a new boyer micro power ignition and a boyer powerbox. this setup means the bike runs without a battery and to avoid confusion, the machine has a negative ground. there is a convenient high/low switch on the left handle bar and a kill button. you will find none of the usual triumph electric issues with this bike.

helrich’s trump fighter has a new set of bridgestone spitfire tires and new wheel bearings.

this bike has a clean and clear title in dave helrich’s name and for a bike that is almost 40 years old, it is as new as it gets, and better than when it rolled out of the factory.

click here to bid on one of the most hardcore, reliable, one-of-a-kind triumph 750 beasts in the world >>

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  1. Thanks a lot Trent, one of these days I’ll have to buy you a beer!

  2. make that two beers and you’ve got a deal.

  3. I’m seeing a few things that could be improved. Instead of using solid copper tubing use cunifer tubing. It’s a nickle copper alloy that doesn’t corrode but will patina. Also make full circular loops with the tubing. That will absorb vibrations without stressing the fittings. It will also give allow it to flex enough to making it easier to work on.

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