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sid biberman mates a vincent and a ducati to save his life

the vincati

if you haven’t read a book in a while, and you’re here checking out metric chops, bobs, cafes, and vintage bikes, you really ought to check out “big sid’s vincati.”

we’re coming up on the two year anniversary of this book’s release at the end of the month and now that sid biberman has agreed to be my facebook friend and trade a message or two with my humbled self, and even become a member of our crazy little bM fb page, i felt it was a nice opportunity to return the favor.

the book is the story of mating a vincent motor to a ducati frame. that is blasphemy to some but over time it’s become a legendary motorbike. it is also a story of family and a small network of vincent enthusiasts.

“big sid” is well known as one of the best motorcycle mechanics in the states over the past 60-plus years, and especially in vincent circles. when sid had a massive heart attack, it seemed to his son matthew that his dad had lost the will to live. in need of something to spark him, matthew promised his dad they would build the vincati. it took many years to build the bike while simultaneously doing the same for their “difficult” relationship. there are back stories in the book for you to discover if you’ve got the price of a six pack of beer in your pocket and want to learn some killer motorcycle history.

you can purchase big sid’s vincati here.

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