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good saturday

ladies and gentlemen;

thank you to everybody who has been commenting on posts in the past few days. bikerMetric had more comments in two days than we usually get in 20 days. keep it up!

also, the response to the polls lately has been great. now that i’m doing one every week, you can pretty much expect a new one every weekend.

the current poll is going to be interesting. most of you probably believe i don’t give a **** about what anybody thinks, and while that’s true, i am also trying to make money here. i can get loaded and write poetry any time. i’d like bM to be a pleasure for you to read and while writing my poetic prose is a blast on my end, it might be rough on some brains.

cutting loose with the editing hasn’t seemed to have had a negative affect on readership, and i believe the custom motorcycle world needs an unholy frankenstein monster comprised of hunter s. thompson, charles bukowski and george carlin to speak to the independently minded, liberty loving, beer guzzling biker type, delivering more than mere motorcycle photos and criticism.

whether that is true or not, it may merely be my megalomaniacal mind playing tricks. this place and my style may be unique but i’m hitting a wall.

is bikerMetric my hobby, or is it my business? i don’t make any money at it unless it’s for trade (last week’s donation drive to repair my laptop notwithstanding) so i traded my “art” and thoughts here for what became a new chopper i can’t afford to get out of the garage. i’m about to sell it, pay my debts, and screw this all.

why would i do that?

the woman who inexplicably loves me has been denied aid to go finish her history degree and is very sad and depressed. she believes it will never happen. i can no longer twiddle around here thinking it’s important when i could sell the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE and get her back on track to her dreams.

i’m looking forward to discovering what you think about all this. tmi, i’m sure, but i’m told by a few that it isn’t just the site, it’s me people come for. flattery is nice but i’m unsure that’s true. there are some who really dislike me, too. so please vote and continue to comment. you could even buy ad space if you wanted. that would actually be the best.

if i discover my vision works for most of you, i may solder on.

thanks again for your patronage, friendship, thoughts and support.

peace out, motherf***ers!

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  1. I’d say don’t sell the Freedom or Death Machine when a guy like has such resources available. For example, If you put together a fund-raiser for your woman I’d be willing to donate some artwork to the cause. My girl is in college as well so I really feel ya

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