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friday’s post of cool stuff #38: thanks everybody now f*** off

Okay. I know I know I know…. I said I’d never do this, and I’m prepared for the ramifications of my gory demise. **** be damned, my quest for worldwide custom metric motorcycle domination demands it and like all good priests and politicians, I must first learn how to lie convincingly.

Now that I have, be my Twatter, I mean tweeter…. Is that right? Tweeter? Isn’t that a meth user between 12 and 20 years old? Whatever. Click this link and wait for instructions.

f***ing snowman | ole
f*** you! i’m winter! ha!
yamaha sr500 bobber
yamaha sr500 bobber

I had a Venus Throw video of them singing about New Orleans but it’s gone now. Dammit, Dirk. It was a great song…

or wish you would have

Thanks to all the noobs who for some reason keep wanting to know what’s going on here. I try hard to be offensive but I guess it only works on hippies but not guys who wear socks with sandals. It’s weird. I used to think they were the same thing.

Thank you tom the neon artist, Friscobiker who is actually a fast biker, Tobacco is an amateur photographer, Castle550 who has a 1985 Suzuki GS550 bobber project, and jason, who is working on a mono-shock Honda CX500 bobber. Click their names to hit their blogs.

bikerMetric will be offering a plethora of tech tips beginning next month that will help all you garage builders with your bikes.

Now for the babes.

lego tramp

malt liquored

Oh man. That photo would be so much better if she was drinking the “high gravity” Olde English. Also, she needs to be chugging it with tons dripping down her chin and onto her thin t-shirt. And she should not be wearing a bra.

And the Lego girl? The holes in her legs remind me of “Crash” where “James Ballard” gets off in a wound caused by a car accident in “Helen Remington.”

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