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flying piston | no billet, no bling, no bull***t.

Flying Piston is one of bikerMetric’s latest advertisers.  The owner, Ron Pogue, is an American who has his shop in Thailand, and he’s a good friend of our techTips writer, Alex. Ron believes that “work is the curse of the drinking classes.” Gotta love Oscar Wilde.

Flying Piston is a custom parts shop for garage builders looking for raw, hand formed steel parts for a bike that is gonna see a lot of miles but not so many cleanings. Ron focuses on unique parts that have an industrial/mechanical look he but never sacrifices function for form. His parts not only look good, they kick *** and don’t bust on you.

universal air filter covers | flying piston

I dig the Flying Piston air scoop intake filter cover. These intakes can be set up for almost any motor & carburetor combo you can put on a motorcycle. Ron works with Wimmer to help you get the supports, breathers and adapters you need to make it easy and seamless. The covers can also be ordered with a universal mounting bracket that will work great as a horn or coil cover, too. these filter covers come in raw metal but can be ordered polished, or even black powder coated.

coffin tank | flying piston

If you need custom work, from cutting, grinding, welding, or turning out one-off steel motorcycle parts, give Ron a call at 925.270.4223. That’s a Northern California area code.

cantilever suspension | flying piston

Ron says about his shop; “Picture a dirty machine shop sweltering in the heart of Thailand and you’re dead on.”

I’ve seen pictures though, and it’s actually a beautiful and very tidy spot. This American runs a clean ship. Except for the pic at the end of this post. That’s the shop of Ron’s description.

Ron and his men at Flying Piston are bike enthusiasts who specialize in prototyping one-off and small batch production quantities of just about any part they dig, from air cleaner covers and headlamps to gas caps and even cantilever suspensions. From mild to wild, Flying Piston’s got you covered.

If you have a part you want made, give them a call or contact Ron at Flying Piston by shooting him an email at flyingpiston.inc at gmail.com.

As always, tell him that freak from bikerMetric sent you.

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