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1972 honda sl100 chopped and bobbed + the definition of sentience

as you all know, i love frank from MotArt. he’s the fancy fashion designer who likes motorbikes and continues to flatter me. *******. this is the latest kickass thing from his blog:

1972 honda sl100 original donor | MotArt
1972 honda sl100 bobber | MotArt

now, who sent it? who built it? how much did it cost to transform? where is it? how much cheese on a sandwich is too much cheese on a sandwich? i can’t handle it any more!  arrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!

oh. and this for you smartasses/dumbasses:

ˈsen(t)-sh(ē-)ənt, ˈsen-tē-ənt\

1: responsive to or conscious of sense impressions.
2: aware.
3: finely sensitive in perception or feeling.

origin of sentient:
latin: sentiens, present participle of sentire; to perceive, feel.
first known use: 1632

freedom or death

related to sentient:sen·tience
ˈsen(t)-sh(ē-)ən(t)s, ˈsen-tē-ən(t)s\

1: a sentient quality or state.
2: feeling or sensation as distinguished from perception and thought.

first known use of sentience: 1839.

so. now you know that sentience is self awareness, a feeling derived from what we perceive and think. it’s ironic that i call upon your perception and thoughts and 40% of you say “wtf?” i can only hope it’s smartassedness and not gross ignorance of something one inescapably is. or is not? that choice is in the poll, too.

there is also a thing called google.  an organization founded by dudes who couldn’t spell. regardless, now you can type in a word and discover almost anything about it.

there. you are now smarter than you were a minute ago. go now, and be free!

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