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custom gas tanks by smith motor works

besides being in the process of making new gas tanks for the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE, scott at smith motor works has a bunch of cool designs.

what makes his work special is he first creates each tank using a 3d cad program to insure a mathematically sound design before one piece of steel is cut.

these are images of his cool prism tank.

another cool thing about his work is how he takes vintage styles such as coffin tanks and adds his own twist to them. he’ll also create any one-off custom gas tank for you, which you’ll see in a jpeg from his cad program before one weld is laid down. this insures that you are getting exactly what you want. what you’ll receive in your email will be something like the image below, which is a cad jpeg of his wing style.

give scott a shout and as always, please tell him you found his work on bikerMetric.

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  1. this is a bad-*** tank! coolness! ^_^

    bikermetric your blog is a kick-***! we’re your newest follower & we added your site on our blog roll. ϡ

    please visit out little blog and following us back is much appreciated! ^_^


    thank you so much!ϡ

    – wrey

  2. followed. thanks for the comment, wrey.

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