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f**k yeah | sponsored by r2d2

scored this from one of our new bikerMetric members, Sir John Carrington:

i didn’t know the cops in mayberry had honda motorcycles. thanks for the vid, sir john. check out john’s motrcycle blog, filled with cool videos, at moto diarios rabiosos.

bet the c3p0 babe never shuts up

readership has changed quite a bit in the last month. while 50% of bM readers continue to visit from the usa, it’s the cities worldwide that have changed. we used to be biggest in bangkok, and we still are huge, but in the past week or two a few cities have had surprising turnouts. new york has visited more than any other city in the world in the past week, with sydney, toronto, and l.a. not far behind. chicago, milwaukee, athens, jakarta, austin and bangkok round out the top ten.

my vain future ex-wife

it’s nice to see that my old home of austin still visits frequently, and i find it relatively amusing that they do. thanks for dropping by to see how much **** is being kicked here, weirdos. texas in general visits more than any state after california, with over 300 readers this week. hope you guys and gals are well and all your dreams are coming true, too.

i specifically want to mention jakarta, indonesia. folks visiting from jakarta read three times as many pages as the average visitor and stay on the site three times as long. i’m glad you cats dig the groove i and others are working on here. thank you.

the next noob who will be having his calls to america wiretapped by the office of homeland insecurity is Paddington Motorcyclist. since chris hunter wrote flattering, fascinating and sublimely derogatory things about me three weeks ago – hence our duel to be fought in new orleans – the aussies have hit up bikerMetric in a big way. paddington is from brisbane and has a really clean blog called lane splitter that you ought to check out. the pictures below are of his yamaha xs250 slightly cafe-styled tracker that is for sale. if you’re in his neck of the outback, check him out.

you can view a dozen more photos here on paddy’s flickr page.

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  1. Saw that XS250 on ebay and had read the blog previously. Went for decent money. And I’m one of the ones from Sydney. Oh and I like your work Keep it up. regards Vudu

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