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dime city | honda cafe racers

welcome to the kickass honda cafe racer and bobber mecca. the v-twin choppers have a church, we vintage metric riders have a mecca, and it’s dime city, motherf***ers. they try to exemplify what bikerMetric is all about:

+  we are all inclusive.
+  we don’t wear trucker hats and have grizzly adams beards because it seems like the thing to do now.
+  we know it’s smart to wear boots for riding, not sneakers.
+  we understand that a douche can be on any bike, wearing any t-shirt.
+  we like what we like and respect anybody building their own s**t. unless they’re a douche. then f**k ’em.
+  we prefer our beer cold, our women smoking, and our bankers dead.

now that we’ve grasped that cold, hard cash from cold, soft hands, we’ve got to do some stuff with it. if you thought the metric mecca remark was a joke, let me inform you that dime city is the vintage honda oem tabernacle of the known universe. i know. i’ve traveled it with zaphod beeblebrox. you try getting a pair mikuni 32mm carburetors on magrathea. it can’t be done.

thank *** you live on earth and whatever honda part or accessory you need, even if it isn’t among the 1,800 parts they have listed, dime city dudes will find it for you.

i’ve already mentioned their kickass cafe racer rearsets and linkage combo. in addition to their ability to one-off practically any custom part you need and all the hard-to-find honda motorcycle parts, dime city cycles has a ton of leathers, helmets, goggles, saddle bags, and soon even boots to choose from.

see that boot? i was wearing it when some stupid ****** in an audi tt decided he needed to get on the freeway and swerved four lanes without a signal to do it. that wouldn’t have been a big deal except i was where he wanted to go. thank *** the vtx1800, my beloved dragula, had anti-lock brakes or it might have been worse than it turned out to be.

still, when i managed to brake within a mere inch of this yeast-infected ****’s rear fender, the dimwit following too closely behind me clipped my rear tire and down i went, skidding about 40 feet with a 750lb motorcycle on my left leg. thank *** for my levi’s and my boots or… i don’t like to think about what my ankle would have looked like had i been wearing sneakers.

if i would have had an ankle left at all.

goodbye motorcycle riding! hello, walking with a cane for the rest of my life.

besides cafe’d out leather biker jackets, you can find affordable gloves in addition to helmets from biltwell, joe king, and davida, plus goggles, hoodies, and solo bags.

see? the metric mecca. ohm….

mixing religious metaphors is fun. so are bullet points:

+  slick forward controls and matching linkage.

+  clean, small, affordable aluminum turn signals.

+  cafe seats and tanks.

+  plus a ton of carb parts, exhaust systems,
headlamps, mirrors, kick levers…. i’ll stop there,
even though there’s more.

according to jason and his partner herm at dime city, “cb450’s are our specialty but we build ’em all.” and they do.

as you’ve seen in these bikerMetric pages recently, they surely do build sweet bobbers and cafe racers.

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